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Sean Rosalez Aug 2019
I miss putting my hands all over you.
I miss putting my lips on your parts
And when I blow
You you let out the sweetest sounds.
Your curves are just perfect.
Even the way your body glistens in the light is beautiful.
There isn’t any others like you.

You are broken now.
Many years of neglect.
You’re drying up and it’s my fault.
You don’t hold up like you used to.

I’ll love you again
And I will fix you.

I miss you
My sweet little saxophone ❤️
rey Jul 2018
A young girl—
Out too late—
Running through a quiet urban city
searching for the sounds
That have been playing in her head

The radio gives her no help—
Those songs aren’t what she’s looking for
She craves and older more mature sound
The sound that only the dark night possesses

She can almost feel the sound,
It’s strength is almost feeding into her
She takes the bait
And makes her way to the old pub

She’s amazed by the Saxophone
And the blues lifting the air
She lets them fill her mind
And numb her surroundings

“Oh, sounds, why haven’t we met before?”
She cries out.
But the sounds keep playing
And drowning out her thoughts.
She now knows where she belongs.

© Regan
I said to my grandma “I love those saxophone blues” and this poem came to life.
Ram B Oct 2016
The music plays
The piano
The saxophone
You dance
Piano and saxophone
You and motion
This moment
and my emotion
as one.
Olivia Frederick Oct 2016
one two three with fire
heavy with your memory
thick silhouettes peer
the sax next door sings
you, blown away by fusion
of my tongue to you
Silverflame Aug 2016
Elegant, fragile
Captivating, enticing, comforting
Cleansing your soul, intensify your spine
Alluring, controlling, compelling
Powerful, sophisticated
I wanted to create something different, so I decided to give a diamante poem a try. Perhaps not the best, but it sure was a lot of fun.
I play both flute and saxophone, so I thought it was a great idea to "compare" them, in this kind of poem.
LJ May 2016
Tethered at the end
with no hope to amend
seduced each other to appease
your love flow in me with ease
Darling, don't look back on you
The days when the rainbow was lifeless
The ultraviolet was in hues of grey
The sunrise reflected back on the skies
The multitude of sorrowful rainy clouds
All cried out and behind our front
My soul laid and screamed aloud

The shell of the loneliness undone
Chase of the summerly winds donned
The day beckoned with clarity
All hate erased, our love not charity
Un-crippled chase, the healed ails
Un-rippled wavelets,currents and sails

I unmask the casket
Claim the frozen confusion called life
On this walls are our sacred scripts
The prints that reads indelible
Of how our love nurtures the nests
Lou Vaughn Apr 2016
voice in whispered tone
like breathy saxophone
I hold a longing moan

fingers through my strands
ruin all my plans
the way your calloused hands
grip skin

lips that taste like truth
of gin and dry vermouth
pierced by sinking tooth
and sin

I memorize your face
as I fade from this place
forgetting all that time and space
has been
I love to watch you play
Hear the sweet notes drift out of your saxophone
A lovely melody

You don't always see me
I listen all the same
Such lovely skill
escaping in the form of sound
coming out
of that wonderful saxophone

Maybe it's not the sound
That enchants me so
But the handsome player
Whom I get to call my own

My gorgeous love  
Smart and talented to the end
I love my saxophone playing boyfriend, It's nice to date fellow musicians, even if the instruments vary.
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