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Clare Veronica Jan 2019
I had you in my hand
and was given the cheat sheet
I’ve read the script
and the costume fits
Memorised how it played out
Saw the ending when they turned the page

Yet unbeknownst to me,
carefully hidden was a back-up scene
Leaving me aghast
and the play crumbled

You slipped off my hand, just like that
Like how a tornado
destroys in an instant
What was once
such a beautiful house

Yet for you,
I called up the Writer
night and day
Gave Him 3 dimes
to re-write a new ending

He refused but I kept bargaining
back and forth for 12 days
He finally agreed
and told me to sign the agreement,
insisting for 11 dimes as the final price

12 dimes were all I had
I still decided to settle with this agreement
I was prepared to throw away everything
And risk myself for another broken-heart

So I said deal,
as long as I can have you
Even if it’s just for another while
Before I lose you again
when the wind comes
To take you away from me
Everything I do, I do it for you, A.
Clare Veronica Dec 2018
What happened today really made me
realize a lot of things
about you
Who you really are

I listened to your every word
Like you spat diamonds
But you barely listen to anything I say
All that matters to you
Is your words

I remember the last time
I asked God if I could just marry you
and be with you for the rest of my life
In His reply, God was curt
Because He knew that I knew it can’t happen
He’s told me so many times,
“You know it yourself and in your own heart,
there is a better guy for you.”

And my God, God was right.
My gut is always months ahead accurate
My heart will always protect me
Clare Veronica Dec 2018
One chance
Is all I got

Before you leave me for good

But tell me
If we put a limiter
Like this
On our relationship

Is it still called a relationship?
Or is it a mere test relationship?

To grade it
As a pass
Or a fail

I feel that
Our relationship
Is just a time-bomb
Until it meets its end

We are just
On the verge
For one of us
To fall

*It is what it is
Clare Veronica Dec 2018
2:03 am

I’m lying in bed

About the time we broke up
And got back together again

You told me
There was just so much expectations

All I wanted
Was your attention

But instead
You’d come home and go on your phone
Till you get tired and sleep

I wanted your attention

But you told me
You’re just too comfortable
Because you see me everyday

You’re so different with other people
So energetic
And happy

I just wanted your attention

But you told me
You’re just so used to be in silence with me

I asked for a cuddle

And most of the time
You’d let out a big sigh
Before flopping your arms on me

As if your definition of a cuddle
Is simply
Throwing your arms
On my shoulder

How to get your attention
When you think
Asking for your attention
Is just too much expectations?
Clare Veronica Jul 2017
You can take away all possessions that I have
And I'd still live

You can burn me to ashes
And I'd still live

You can break every bone in my body
And I promise you
With any last remaining of my will
I'd still live
Clare Veronica Jul 2017
"Do you want to be my girlfriend?"
He asked.

She had been waiting forever for him to finally asked her that
But her usual bright expression suddenly turned somber at his question

A feeling of anger crept up
Replacing her soft smile with a frown

The sparks in her eyes that always lit up whenever she saw him
Now gone and dead

This feeling, she knew
This feeling she was so familiar with
everytime she thought of him
And it still felt like a huge stone
Pulling her down to her knees

There was a question that had been in her mind
For weeks
For months

"How could I, when you don't even like me as much as you like her?"

And her words hit home.

He had not expected that
Not with the way she always seemed happy around him
Not with the way she always smiled warmly at him
Not with the way she was always there caring for him no matter how difficult he was

"I do love you,"
she stared right into his eyes,
every word fell from her lips
with such sincerity
it felt like the first ray of warm sunlight
on a winter morning
The only warm source to his heart that has gone cold now

such intensity in her eyes

"but I can't be number two."

And they pierced his heart right through.

She got up and left.

He called her name over and over
Wishing she'd turn back and give him another chance
But his voice only seemed to be engulfed by the intense air around him

He ran after her
But she was gone

He punched the black wooden door beside him frustratingly
And he wished he had loved her more.
Clare Veronica May 2017
Her fingers caressed the ivories
So very lightly.
The tunes that played
Echoing sweetly.

Nuvole Bianche,
Ludovico Einaudi

The title, she said,
means white clouds.

To her,
this song
captures the feeling of utmost sincerity
that exist in the purest
of her heart.

To be able to stay soft,
even after passing through cruel hands of the world.

To be as kind as you can,
even if the world will not pay you back.

To go out of your way for others,
even if it will never be enough.

To be genuine until the very end,
even when the whole world is against you.

To be soft in this cruel world
might just be the strongest power
a human can possibly possess.
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