A W May 31
Dopey girls with lousy guys, drives me crazy
Maybe you shouldn't feel too sorry.

Old Sally, so damn good-looking but a pain in the ass.
                 "Oh, darling, I love you."
                 "You're probably the only reason I'm in New York right now"
I told her I loved her; it was a lie.
    felt like five hundred thousand years, looking at all the phonies.
Ivey League guys with snobby voices,
a witty bunch of actors drinking their tea
and rubbernecks stand around to watch.
    I was a goddamn wolf, just wondering for intellectual conversation.
                 Someone, Anyone!
    Just give old Caulfield the time to spoil your evening
                 because he's not sorry at all.
"A small project I did for the Catcher in the Rye where we were to make poems with words from chapters 17-19. They are suppose to be about his relationship with Sally or the feelings he has about her. Enjoy!
A W Apr 5
     pelting peaking the poignant hearing of a peering, personable

Awakened she walks;
     waiting for water to weaken against the small windows,
     withering away.

Flourishing souls;
     stemming from spring came spitting droplets, refreshing flora.

Drab days;
      dead development dawdled by dreary dates - winter is gone.
Joyful cheers!
     Carrot's stones cherished close for colder days.

Winter disappears for departure.
    Spring reappears for resurgence.
Everyone enjoys spring but I think rural and urban farmers alike understand that rain is the prime time for plant growth.
A W Apr 2
I'm damned if I do and damned if I don't.
Mom, Aunt, Brother and others, please let me go.
It can help, but would further drown me more than you know.
I feel sick, my mind is a mess from the constant consumption of multiple drugs.
End my suffering, pull the plug.
I would rather fade away right here.
A W Apr 2
Finally, tears were shed.
There was a heart that bled.
An able body that could not be held.
Calling out to the silence; cold.
Shaking a hollow breath.
There I lay beneath.
Your feet raised to step over me once more.
I can't bare the pain in my core.

No longer do I feel my life is mine.
I don't feel like myself anymore. He took that away from me. The fear I constantly have feels like I can't reach out.
A W Apr 1
Falling asleep,
            more like a leep in faith and all that is good.
            A jump into your conscious, praying
             you don't see another monster.
             Another fear behind your closed eyeslids.
             A full, peaceful rest before the haze.
             Dreaming of spirits and emotions holds me awake these past few nights.
             Along with the dread of my real fears like heights, that follow.
              If I wished upon a star, I'm afriad in my sleep the devil will call.
              There is no telling what I will dream of tonight;




Loving memories

Or self hate and destruction.
I couldn't sleep well these past few night.
A W Apr 1
Deep wounds with an invisible mark.

Carved by one I used to love; a love that never loved back.

Used, to be replaced with a friend.

A better body and high narcissism,

someone who wasn't afraid to use others,

also played with my heart.

They left me exposed,

Told people something that I am not.

Forced myself to become something I was not,

just for them to walk all over me.

He threatened to hurt my friends, dignity and poise,

She ruined potential love for me, dignity and poise.

The laughter and love I once had has left me.

Yet I feel sorry.

I felt love for them.

I always feel like I'm in the wrong and shouldn't say anything,

That I deserve the labels I'm given.

I know that's false,

that I can find love as true as can be;

also live with the emotional scars.

With time, comes a fork in the road to growth and self recovery.
I'm always sorry, but not for this anymore. Him and her did enough damage; I'm the only one that can fix myself.
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