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The dawn red as blood
Violence all over the field
Fight for peace they say
A fight
For the right
Without flight
See the number of meanings it conveys
And then she said
Don't wait
The sight of your heart is me
I'm a collection of solitudes
A silence derived from
the summation of all languages
The Sky wearing the saree
Woven from the Clouds
Oozes the elegant showers

The younger leave touched
By the first rain drop
Is dancing in joy

The wet earth graced by showers
Disperses the perfume of soil
Tears of Pure Emotion

Tears of pure emotion rolled over his cheeks
Taking out the lava of pain down onto the earth
His revival now solely depends upon the way
He manages to carry on in the aftermath
Of the eruption of the volcano, called emotion

You're not here with me doesn't
Necessarily mean
You're not with me
I know you're always with me
Whether it is here
Or somewhere else.

Death separated
Our bodies
Not the spirits, the hearts
Your existence
In the space-time
Once or thence

I'll lead my life
Till the end
In the name of the best within Us
That song stole my sleep
Have to wake up all night

Nectar she might have drunk
For love's flowing from her voice

Drenched I am in that rain
Forgot all my pain

Bliss is all I can feel
Light's all I can see
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