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J Mar 2019
You're just another pawn
Hearing the same ****
Doing the same task
Saying the same script
From the one, behind a mask
J Apr 2017
I've got a humble request
That is to remember me
Though I don't stand out from the rest

Please, no empty promises
Because often, those who forget
Are the ones who said
"I will remember."
J Apr 2017
Why can't I just have a bottle of potion
To send me into a constant state of mania
Instead of a roller coaster of emotions
Of loss, agony and nostalgia
J Apr 2017
Ended off on a good note
At least thats what I thought
Still, you resorted to such means
Oh cleanse her soul, good lord
J Apr 2017
Is in the eye of the beholder
But it is only half true
From what I was taught in school
Beauty is both subjective and objective

The media though
Is manipulative
People's preferences, distorted
by its interferences
Oh boy, why are we such idiots

Having tons of insecurities
I know it's not your fault
Because the media's definition of beauty
Have left us here to rot

But **** them
Because the truth is
You don't need their acknowledgement
Nor their judgement

Conforming to meaningless norms
Are the doings of fools
Simply be real, my dear.

I am telling you the truth
Or maybe it's just me
what I'm trying to do

Accept, appreciate
And love the real me
Not the facade that you see

— The End —