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Florence Maude Jun 2017
I guess that didn't go the way I planned.
Even with the wheelhouse fully manned,
Here I stand,
With my goal underachieved.

I guess that didn't go the way I planned.
Even with my feet on the land,
I feel like I'm only standing on a strand
Of the ideas I had before.

I guess that didn't go the way I planned.
Even now my dreams turn to sand,
And all seem so bland,
Compared to the rest things that have happened since.

Even though it didn't go the way I planned,
The results of the effort are still grand.
Sometimes you need for life to give you a hand
In changing your aims for something better.
:3 Guess who still can't write poetry? Oh well, I've gotten better at the very least.
Florence Maude Nov 2016
Sometimes you have to fall apart to fall back together
Florence Maude Nov 2016
They think I'm a mocking bird
-Singing a false song

They think I'm a siren
-Leading men to their doom

They think I'm fools gold
-Too good to be true

That is why I'm all alone
Sitting in silence at night
Because no one believes that a gold rush
Is any where in sight
Florence Maude Nov 2016
Everything nowadays is so dark and dreary
That now it's becoming tough to see clearly
Bitter tongues clash as swords
Some in the name of the lord
Others in the name of what can't be restored

Everything nowadays is so miserable and bleak
That now our bonds of love are growing weak
Talking becomes an act on a tightrope
Some no longer know how to cope
Others no longer know how to hope
Florence Maude Nov 2016
I was set free
But not by a lock and a key
But by one little word
Just as I had always dreamed...

It's been so long since I could walk without the shackles
I'm finally happy...

I almost miss it.
Funny, I never thought I'd say that,
But it's true

Now that I'm finally out of the cage
I don't know what to do
Florence Maude Nov 2016
I am water.
I mold to fit into your life
But you never really care for the flavor I add.

I am a chameleon.
I fade in and out of the existence you know and into another's.

I am clear.
I seem to be see through, but you never really know what's inside.
Not the best but oh well. I'll cook up better ones later
Florence Maude Nov 2016
I see you
On the other side
Of the glass.

At least...
That's what I think it is.

Though even if it is glass
Why don't you turn to look at me
As I scream your name
And try to break it.

I found
That there was glass
Just not where I thought it was.

And overtime
I found
That I wasn't the one who finally broke it.
It's been a while.
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