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Dee Baylon Feb 26
My heart stays in somber as emotion leaves my body and my mind fills with things that hurt me..
Im happy i know i am i just get this crashing wave of hurt and i'm just stuck..
Back at the start i thought i had passed this..
I want to tell you how i feel but i cant bear of the thought of you thinking it is your fault that i feel this way,
It's not i'm just broken but you're starting to fix me i just have a habit of tearing myself down and hurting myself mentally....
I was contemplating not telling you but that would only make things worse but for me to explain myself to you i'd have to say
that I feel worthless,
I feel Empty and cold and numb and i think that you're so amazing that i don't deserve you, you're a beautiful person.
And i'm just a broken person with My Broken Mind
Dee Baylon Feb 22
Tonight i had a dream that you had left me,
Left me like i've been left before this time it had hurt more than a thousand stabs to the heart i've never felt a pain like this i never want to feel like ever i am yours and you are mine...
You Will Forever Be My Always.

— The End —