Jade Welch Nov 20
Mysterious eyes
lead the way
met the man
knew not what to say.

You cannot call it love
for we have never met
your eyes fill with disdain
and mine with respect.

Just another girl in love
this is all you think of me
but close those mysterious eyes
only then shall you really see!
Jade Welch Nov 17
I'm just trying
to cover my mistakes up.

He said "baby girl,
don't hide behind your makeup"
Jade Welch Nov 14
And it seems
no matter how hard I try
I cannot sleep
this will of mine once strong
now weak
nobody could have made my head turn
nobody but you
and when you left
it was like my heart shattered
just as fast as my mental state
but you broke me
long before you left
all the drugs and alcohol
mixed effects
all irreversible
you forced my head
to the table
fear was your chosen weapon
and it worked
but all things
good and bad
come to an end
as did our love
our hate for one another
but although I cannot stop
thinking about you...

... I would still spit on your grave
Jade Welch Nov 13
I hope it hurts
that I decided to leave
and never came back
Jade Welch Nov 13
I'm a melancholy heathen
Known to no belief
the only *** of mine
is one that I can drink

Flask held by my breast
this coat holds a hidden pocket
sadness hits me hard
to have this whiskey I am blessed

Jazz never seems to work
it is met with rolling eyes
only rock will soothe me
All hail the Makers Mark
Jade Welch Nov 13
You could have numbed the pain
but instead I turn to whiskey.

I drink away the sins and pain
I wonder if you miss me.

You left but it's unclear why
there is nobody here to get me through it all.

So I drink myself unholy
and pour my heart out onto the table.
Jade Welch Nov 13
I could have held onto you,
and I should have.
But I was worried,
no, worried isn't the word,
I was petrified.
Petrified that you would want me gone,
like a dog wants rid of its fleas.
I felt just like that flea, the itch on your back;
all you needed were the correct drops and I would die off.
So I replaced you before you could replace me.

Someone passed me by wearing the same cologne you once did,
and it got me thinking...

Maybe you never wanted me gone at all.
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