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Jade Welch Sep 17
find me on a hidden path

and my heart shall lead us home
Jade Welch Sep 17
**** that boy/he ****** with your head/he's got another little pretty girl/laying in his bed.
Jade Welch Mar 22
But, every time someone leaves me,
I learn to love myself a little more.
Jade Welch Mar 22
I wish you could see me now
in person instead of from the stars.
But you would be disappointed
by my hate stricken heart.
Jade Welch Mar 22
He said he would fight
but he never did.

Said he wouldn't let me go
then he ran and hid.
Jade Welch Mar 16
Next time,
do not let your walls come down.

Even the Trojan horse looked like a trophy in Troy!
Jade Welch Mar 16
He didn't want me,
so he used my poor broken heart as an excuse.
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