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Someday maybe                         |                gnitiaw fo derit worg ll'I
As I wonder about of you            |         ?yhw wonk t'nod i sselpleh oS
Hear my heart that say...          |                 ...enola lla ereh m'I taht
Of our sweet memories             |                 yawa spils tsuj ti tsaf oS
That is here to stay,                   |             ,emit ni eud nettogrof tuB
Of my love to you, Forever        |     og tel ot esoohc uoy evol ruo fo
It's been sitting in draft for years, so as the memories that comes with it.
(Origin date)
03/28/2011 8:15-AM

(CC BY-NC-ND 4.0)
The Droplets
By Sakaray Skylee
12/10/13 9:37AM

Tiny Little Droplets
Like a rain of Fire
Today you remind me
How cruel life has been
I deeply thank you
Tiny Little Droplets
Flows to a stream
Tonight you will reach
The end of your line
Then I bid you farewell
Tiny Little Droplets
Sublimes through the sky
Tomorrow I shall see
You shall be there no more
I will surely be missing you
I have been wondering, I guess ages by now.
Searching, seeking that Promised Land.
I looked as far beyond the horizon.
Where it might be, I asked?

I have been searching, I guess ages by now.
But where am I to go?
I’m still wondering ten forth, ages by now.
I think I am lost, it seems.

I am seeking, I guess ages by now.
But still haven't found.
Oh forgive me my lady.
I should have stayed, I grieved.

I am thinking just by now.
Oh what a foolish man I am.
I just wasted that precious prime.
Searching, seeking something never meant to be found.
Bayan ko, Bayan kung sinilangan
Saan ka ngayon matatagpuan
Kagandahan mo't perlas bakit lumagapak?
Bayan ko, Bayan ko tinalikuran kanang lahat.

Kalunos lunos na hagupit sa bayan ko'y sumapit
Pagkat mga kababayan ko
Sa salapi naaakit, tila wala nang malasakit sa Bayang nagigipit.

Wala na ang mga tunay na bayani, mga mapagbalat kayo tila naghahari.
Mga pangakong tila binaon sa kabaon.
Saan naba tayo ngayon?

Bayan kong tinatangi.
Paanu ba magagapi kung ang mananakop ay kauri.
Masdan mo silang mag hari
Ang Bayan ko'y naging isang malaking munti..
The fall has come
too soon before I knew.
The wind is blowing
as the leaves are falling.
How could this be?
Feeling so cold and I am all alone.

I care for you even
if you won’t bother to care.
I missed you even
you wouldn’t remember.
I think much of you even
you wouldn’t do.

As the sun has to set,
waiting and wanting
to hold you in my arms again
but too late for me to see
that you are gone

I dreamed of you
but I wonder if you do?
I cried so hard even
you won’t hear me so
I have done this,
It's because I love you so...

After the cold bitter nights
without you by my side,
here I stand beside a tree
watching the last leaf as it falls
like my tear that has fallen for you
Here laying on the ground
Watching those leafs as it falls
As the wind passed by so slow
I could still hear that laughter’s we've shared
Why couldn't I stop thinking about you?

It makes me sad
Watching those stars up above
As the Shooting stars goes by so fast
I still remember those night you're by my side
Why couldn't I bring that time back?

Why am I feeling this way?
Watching you just passed me by
As the bell banging so loud
I can't believe this was happening
Why couldn't I hear you calling me anymore?

It makes me weep
Watching those raindrops as it drifts
As they close that long box's lid
I could see except the lovely face of yours
Why couldn't you come to see me my dear?

Here I have wait, sitting beside
Watching the lovely sun about to sets
As the Sky begins to fade grey
I could hear you sobbing by my side
Why couldn't I speak to say I’m sorry and goodbye?
I've chosen you
the beautiful one...
in and out,
destiny's too playful that i needed to choose
between the past and the present.
wasn't hard at all,
it's because i was so sure with the answer..

The answer that there's a magic in you
only IN YOU
that drives me crazy to find it out.

It's true i did love
not just once but many times.
my heart was broken . . .
never thought there 'll be you,
who fixed and cared for it..

I wonder why i always been hurt..
now God gave me an answer...
"I wasn't the right woman/man for you"
and you're the answer for everything..
you're my greatest gift from God.

I was amazed and still amaze with your gaze
and everything about you that makes me fall even deeper with you..
I've been crazy  that year for someone...
but just thinking you'll become like her/him
makes me want you to be by side now and ever
that no one could see your beautiful smile...
selfishness am sorry,
but you're the only one who made my knees out of control
that even my heart hypnotizes with your words.

Never been this in love before,
I've changed alot because of you..
became a better person that no one assumed.
thank you wasn't enough and i want you to be part of my whole life.
"i love you so much" wasn't enough to express how much i love you my love...
u'r so mean but i do love you even more:)
u're being preserved and i respect u alot more.

You made me realize,
that the past I've wasted my time wasn't love after-all,
just being afraid of being alone.

When they're life's miserably passing by.
but just thinking you'll leave me makes my whole being in coma..
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