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Children can find the cracks
in your fortress wall ~
are able to crumble your
hidey- hole to bits, and leave you in a puddle doubting where it's architecture ever came from.

Sara Fielder © July 2022
Self control is highly underrated.

Sara Fielder © July 2022
my romance is as flatulent
as a t.v. addict.

Sara Fielder © July 2022
The livestock don't have
any money for gas because of the
Chinese so they soak themselves in
social media mass destruction Ghosts hiding
behind the toilet in the internet bathroom aliens
among aliens all about to implode taking themselves
for granted, figures of their own imagination,
muffed hearts grating in confusion allowing the
cat named Wanda to pitter patter the apartment
with her puny paws on purpose Time never
slows down fast enough to listen to them and as long as they
think they are happy the World continues to
move through them like water in a recycled

Sara Fielder © July 2022
Nothing to obstruct the eye for miles.

On that day, and in that age,
the land was flat and bald contrasting against
a mass of sky-blue backdrop.

America. The Great Plains.

Six million hides roamed a century ago
gently grazing blue green grassland waves
until Dodge City,

and all you saw was blood everywhere, and all you heard
were buffalo huffing their dying breaths.

Sara Fielder © July 2022
Pain in my eyes like Aloe Vera plants.
Silly putty legs without ovaries.

The robots are unapologetically wrong.
The real demons return with different names.
No, that's not a lie. It so happens that
massive things can be done without any consequence.
And by the way, who designed it that way?
Handing out hand-outs when they should
all be on their knees.

You and your too much food.
You and your too much food.
Big fat walruses with hydroponic fur.
I'll take my medicine.
I'll take my shoes off inside the house.

I sprang from my father's head and
mother swallowed me ~ gave birth to
the Milky Way so that our souls moved
into our livers. We all turned into
grocery story magazine stories gone wrong.
But I don't care about that.

Mainly, it's the priests.
I'd like to stick them in my steam-trunk.
I'd like to hang them upside down when
they break the glass.

Who's with me? Who's with me?!
Let's band altogether to stop chewing gum.
Become as old as the stars.

Sara Fielder © July 2022
Have you ever noticed that you
sometimes get
what you wish for?

That's the reason I need to be
really careful when I
think things like,
"Effing arrogant *******,
why don't you just leave?".

Sara Fielder © July 2022
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