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Stara Feb 2019
I just met you
Yet I feel like I know you
Not a type from a box
But someone who got out
Explored the world for yourself
I see myself in you
But I see so much more
You have a depth
But you are still so very much here
Your happiness isn't a given
You have worked to be who you are
I don't  think I would have been ready to meet you
I forgot I had a crush on you
When you leaned in for a kiss
I was distracted by your mind
And our hours of stimulating words
Our visits from others throughout the night
I noticed your sense of hospitality
I feel like I can articulate myself with you
We both have passts
That led us to the people we are

And to each other

Maybe we are too alike
Stara Feb 2019
Before I even knew your name
I knew I loved your smile
How you concentrated on my eyes
when I spoke
Or just gazing to gaze
Giving energy through eye contact
You made sure I was warm
You didn't need to say anything
Because I knew
And you knew that knew
Because we spoke about it
Genuine kind honest communication
So natural
A life force
The calm of your ocean eyes
Souls are stars
Stars are flames
People with names
You listened with your whole self
Including your heart
You lit up when you spoke
And this gentle reality
Of us wandering
Alone, yet together
Became more and more real
We got it
And we opened it
And we let it breathe
We traveled
And gave our souls vacation
You are beautiful
You don't just
See beaty
That is what you are made of
And you gave me some to spread along
I am forever grateful
Awed inspired
By who you chose to be every **** day
You truly are a soul flame
Here to light the world in goodness
Thank you
From every cell of mine
How I will dream about gazing into each others eyes
You have been my every kind of friend
Stara Feb 2019
I'm here and sinking
Into the constant unknown
Like life, I guess
I chose this
And I keep choosing this
This uncomfortable beginning
Everytime I start to get comfortable
Being to close to anyone clouds me now
But I miss my loved ones
Yet I have made new loves
Each new energy I come in contact with
Is a challenge to who I am
When I am alone
Away from anything familiar
And then I move on
With a piece of me lingering
And a piece of them
What triggered me
Even so slightly
Because that is what I see in me
What I want, have worked for or was
I've done this before
I was at a different stage in my journey
I am more confident now
It's not always personal
I am still so in my head
But I am kinder to myself
And to those around me
I am supporting my inner self
I am noticing how I exist
And realizing it is not always like others
I am facing myself
Because I think its important
Under the roughness
Filtered through the pain
I find love
Now it sounds cliche
And its not always exciting and bright
It is constant and pleasant
I am still deeply sad
But I find reasons to smile
Reasons to be better
In the end we are all alone
Regardless of how much we clutter around us
So to love me
Means to really deeply understand I am my own constant
And to love what I allow to clutter me
That is where I find my gold
In people
And I too am a person
Stara Oct 2018
White puffy clouds
Soft and bright blue in the background
Greens rushing by
Rain sprinkles
Never fully dry
Not today
Turn after turn
Up up up
To the top
Turn after turn
Back to the bottom
Farther and farther
Whisking by
Town after town
People living their lives
As I rush on by
Going to go somewhere
To learn about me
But this world still is happening
People and their routines
Day in and out
Same clouds
Same temperature
Same constant dampness
But I go
Leaving lovers behind
Wanting to give them one last piece of me
But I go
The greens all blur
Trees become brush
Mountains in the distance
Start to fade behind
I keep going
Moving forward
Upward and onward
Stara Sep 2018
She was taking a break
Trying to be present
She was sad
She wanted to be balanced
She stretched and smiled first thing every day
She took a deep breath
When things didn't go her way
Because she was in charge
Of her body and mind
Her soul is hers
And didn't have to be defined
She was growing up
And gave herself something
She should have been given when was young
Support to be her fiercest her
And validation she was worthy
Worthy of that degree
Worthy of her body
Worthy of her mind  
Worthy of the people she accepted into her life
Worthy of those who loved her
And of who she loved
She learned to be proud
She fought her demons to be here
She was grateful for those who lent a hand
She learned to listen
She learned to give
And not expect it back
To file the clutter of her mind
She learned to love

  Jul 2018 Stara
I’m writing about you again,
Because you’re trapped in my mind again,
I grab the thought of you and smash it to pieces,
The shattered shards stab into my head,
And plant themselves in deep gashes in grey matter,
But what’s the matter with holding onto someone you love?
But what’s the matter without me?
Help me let you go,
Never let me go,
Place your hands against my face,
Hold it tight,
Kiss it,
Love me,
Miss me.
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