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Simon Jul 2020
Tasting pleasure is not my fault for one reason, and one reason...ONLY...! I am ecstasy itself! Ecstasy that is not within my own choice to choose from. I merely tether my own choice towards the pleasure I hope to tether towards my ecstasy as tasting it with pride. That's why I tend to fail sometimes when knowing it's my fault for who I am... But fail (all the same) to see through the lies of my very delusions tell me so, simply! I'm a failure to my own structural design! As I'm also a failure to my own choices among the same decision-making my actions enforce. As I'm not going to lie about such things, but... I don't truly want to taste the pleasures my own inner "ecstasy" demons want from me! They want to mutually **** me dry! Only for myself to last long enough by the hand that want's to be free of them...ALL! I want them to stay and torment me for the pleasure of such tastes! I want to devour my own inner "ecstasy" demons...for I HATE what I've become. (Triggering forevermore something I could NEVER control!) Not to mention the torment I pose upon myself and those very demons! I want respect where respect can't (ever again) be given, when I've eaten myself up long ago! This simple passage is a given guilt upon the makings of an apology that I could come to grips about getting it out there into the BIG BAD open world! Who would come to appreciate my suffering (first and foremost)? A curse that will spread like wildfire! Where in time...the whole world could forgive me for what I've done to myself, and to others. Since what this passage reeks of, is the after-effect of the incident that is clearly behind the scenes doing GOD KNOWS WHAT!
Curses define pleasures, whilst curses than redefine those very pleasures like an epidemic!
PS... I hope such conclusions force you to realize what's become of you?!
Leo Janowick Nov 2018
Because my lips are looking for you the taste of your being.
Among them play with the aroma, of your skin,
My lips so restless and sweet, they seek the flavors of your love, so ex-of is to feel the lips, juicy and restless, stroking the most erógenos of you....
My lips are soft to feel your vibrate among them when kissing... and **** your eroticism with them,...
My lips are thirsty for you... nothing is as beautiful as drawing your body with my lips,...
My lips so wet and fleshy I invite you to move them, kiss them,
They seek you in the night's humidity,, they take away the thirst to love,
My desire to love without reservations, with my lips, full of love, to the contact of your skin, they know how to love with my lips drawing a smile, illuminated your face of lust and love savoring you in a thousand ways my lips so avid to look for In the darkness, of the night where you give yourself to the light of the new moon my lip at dawn wakes you up, kiss to kiss every space of your body
SelinaSharday Apr 2018
The many ways he is legal.,Legit and lit..
With 3 A.M to finish it!
He ever so slightly gives..
Her a passions mind hickey. savory
Like shivering kisses mind hiccups.
unspoken...................................attention given.
Make's her shiver he's a mental ******* giver..
Make's her mind moist and inquisitive.
At the sign of any confusion.
It's his  penetrative foreplay.
Its the lyrics used to seductively play.
Tools He uses..their selective differences.
Just before 3 a.m.
She floats adrift softly melting H.i.m.
Talking  everything  comprehensively through.
  Rocks her mindful  emotions.
Mind Fkin sweet potions.
non-trivial notions.
Following every word she's relaying.
All before the 3 a.m. relating.
By day he's catering appetizers of verbal compliments.
Sharing of the days events.
when they are away from one another.
They are texting each other.
By evening.........
his texting feels like gentle
                                                                ­    whispering!
Making His next text something she's craving.
Neva leaving her guessing what He is doing.
Neva askin her wyd?
                                             Mental interactions are tender touchings.
                              Mind F
kin..   A tender kind of existing.
                                                       ­    As they both be falling.
By the time its 3 a.m.
Oceans colliding.. erupting.. exploding. mental explosion.
3 a.m. dammn she's already had many ******* heightened chills.
Body follows every moment. No hesitations so receptive.
They are such Intellectual souls..
The body is prepped it always follows.
3 a.m Anything Goes.
By 7 a.m exhaustion so good sets in.
Physical resting  so sweet.. yet mentally he's ready with a grin.
Just to start a new day all over with her again.
by selinasharday 4-2018...H.I.M (he is mine)
Mental whispering, detailing finishing sweet tempting mental savory things Prepping for the emotional and the physical.. intimacy colliding.
ohellobeautiful Feb 2018
Love is a game
+ i’m sinking in score
i am weak in the knees
for my heart’s over-worn
but his smile moves the sea
and his teeth taste of Sun
he climbs losses in me
softly singing
—i’ve won
I swear
I am
Just drawing
Or wasting
And I breathe
In and a cool
Quiet air enters
My lungs
It smells like
You and tastes
The way summer
Nights feel
After rain
I am breathing
You in daily
With tea in the morning
And heartache
In the afternoon
Incense like
Lighting my senses
To the smell of
The love you gave
In darkness

When we are
Through the
Clumsy first
Kiss where
Our lips meet
(And my heart
Is swimming
In fire-
Mentioning it)
The act
Of solemn
That zips
And zooms
And soars up
To space
It doesn't end
And we are
Back and forth
Giving and taking
And giving again
Lovely limbo
Of the stars

In your car
Summer breeze
Kisses your
Cheek and
So do I.
I am not thinking
Only being
And all of the
Other -ing's
At once
Because I can
Be everything
I am when you
Are with me-
All at once or
Sleeping in silence
Your heart beat
Keeping time
With the stereo
Post-rain dreams
Moonlit night.

— The End —