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I-sun Nov 14
Let the night become darker,
So I can see you much better,
My source of light,
The lighty light
I-sun Oct 22
There is "you" in every poems.
Actually you've been mentioned
Even by stranger poets;
So you're the most repeated word in the w🌏rld.
And also the most unique one.
I-sun Oct 8
Forget the rain of the fall🍁🌧
Your love is the rain ❀
Falling in my heart all seasons and months
I-sun Sep 18
And life is another thing should be passed,
After the red light of traffic jam.

I-sun Aug 31
I have a message for you,
If my handwriting is not readable,
Hear my heart reading it for you:
Boom Boom, Love you, Boom Boom.
I-sun Aug 23
Tell me,
What kind of coffee can make me stay awake
While I'm dreaming of you?!
I-sun Aug 18
When God was creating you,
He left your eyes to the "Night".
It kissed them
And knew how to leave part of itself inside!

To dear black-eyed friends
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