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Bookends with fatty livers and bad backs
squinting at instructions
for another **** fool distraction
and the laughing, thankfully

On the walk, bees, butterflies,
catkin reminders of time and loops
and irregular pooping
as constants

Thankfully, laughing
requires just enough muscles
from those that still work,
but I’ll feel it tomorrow
Sarthak Ghatkar Oct 2020
The awkward silence between you and me
Is the testament of forgotten memories
Even if the past is broken into million pieces
The feeling of happiness still persists
Why is it so old friend?

Why is it that we stopped talking?
Why is it that we stopped enjoying each other's company?
Why is it that we abandoned our adventures?
Why is it that we forgot our Friendship?

Time gone cannot be brought back now
I regret not holding your hand forever
But the least we can do is solve the puzzle of our happiness
Join the pieces of our broken Memories
Losing a loved one is the greatest sorrow of life
JuneForever Sep 2020
My intentions weren't to hurt you. I wasn't as good as a friend as I wanted to be. I do care about you because I want you to get help. I still want you to get the help you need, but I know I  can't help you the way you need. It would be selfish for me even to pretend I could. I hurt you and you hurt me.   I wish you could see how much I honestly care about you. I hope one day you will.
It's a poem but I just left the writing as is.
Esridersi Feb 2020
your chilled remembrance
soothes my charred indian burns
from love neglected.
Aaron L Osgood Jun 2019
I’m just metaphorical speaking
I meant writing..I’m actually typing though.
There’s something I want you to know...

I decided to reopen that attic door.
It was suppose to be open many times before.
I went up them stairs frighten and scared.
Wood started creaking, Voices were speaking.
Unpleasant feeling triggers all in head.
Feels like a threat but I ignore them instead.
All these old friends that I neglected.
I’m just a person “why would they be affected?”
Due to abandonment layers of dust had collected.
Decided to handle it I knew problems be expected.
My back turned is not an exception.
Time to clean up my messes.
Sometimes you wonder should I really go through a door that I should or shouldn’t open. Some doors are best left closed. Don’t want to reopen old wounds or problems. Cause further pain or it could turn out to be happiness. You know my problems is I want to be cool with everyone. Or have everyone to be cool with me. But usually in life a bad friend or even an ex should be left alone. That doors should not be open. The past will come up eventually in the conversation. Why have that feeling of awkwardness either you’ll have it or the opposite person will. Then that door is closed once again. I guess if that person dies I don’t want to begin again with a goodbye.
Butch Decatoria Mar 2019
We tend to linger longer on old photos
Of when we were together
We were younger then...

Partners in crime, no bitter end.
“Besties” you had said—back then,
when we had painted the town red...

(Sorrow is a prison,
Forgiveness, a skeleton key.)
My collaboration
Liz Carlson Mar 2019
i watch from afar
all my old friends having fun and growing without me
some remember my ghost
but others have no recollection that i even existed

all those pictures
remind me of the times i had
this comforting sadness

im happy to see my old friends
yet here i am
half the world away
watching from a distance,
as they make new friends and new memories.

i can't go back,
but i can't seem to move forward.

so here i lay
me and my friend sadness.
Rowan S Feb 2019
I saw some old friends
Shared old jokes, old memories
All to make new ones
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