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the laws of physics, meet the laws of human nature

spinning plates
are always white unblemished so their breaking into pieces
is more visually enthralling and definite

been a spinner magico for so long, you’d think I deserve some
gravitational dispensation

it doesn’t work that way

when you learn to be a spinner, they teach catching too

but that was so long ago,
tho the endless spin slowing,
obedient to the laws of physics,
the human laws of the physical
give time power over gravity

making the eyes weaker
the hands tremulous
the arms woodenly worth less

so a crash is a forethought, imagined, inevitable

time is the most powerful force in the universe

the laws of physics, meet the laws of human nature
how does one describe a slow dying
Blakbuttafly89 May 2018
**** I swear I wish I never met him tall and dark skin I feel in love with him without a single kiss but his heart is what i wanted to win. I have never felt so low and misplaced. the words beautiful means nothing if it’s not coming from him. i keep asking myself if I had made love to u would we still be connected.... I wish I did cause maybe I could stop dreaming about u well at least that’s what I keep telling myself. u asked me if I would tell the person that I fall in love with that I love them truth is my heart was connected to you that very day! it was the longest phone conversation i entertained in a long time 8hrs I mean since high school days..... I knew i wasn’t gonna be able to easily erase ya memory from my mind..... it’s so bad that I had to drop to my knees to begging god to let me forget about you cause it hurts so bad ... I tried to keep dating, I even finally gave myself away smh! made love to some lame to try to erase ya memory and  all I could see was ya face. the ****** won’t stop calling but.... sorry my heart is already taken by a heart less man who probably wouldn’t care if I got hit by a Dart Bus smh! but still every morning I wake up in tears again and again because I can’t stop dreaming that same dream of him.. I asked my therapist the one I started seeing again cause this situation with u has pushed my heart over the edge , I asked her am I crazy or delusional she said no suga u love him,  How??? why??? this can’t be possible! all I know is this has to be the last time I open up to anyone.... It hurts 2 bad to miss someone who thinks so little of you
b Dec 2017
I'm tripping the breaker.
Soaking in the burn of the wires,
Tracing the line back to an old fuse box
With a broken switch
And a battered shell.
Grey with ambiguity and boredom
Seeping productivity like an oil spill,
Diluting the green.

Twenty one centuries.
And some pocket change
Just so we can all act
Like the pressure was worth the diamond.
We were never supposed to be this connected
if surf this morning is seldom slack
when a garter holds up its string

this chuff is fishing that spoonful glimmers
while bait require quinine indelibly
by the sea

where squalk among clouds patrol crowd
that hasten to ***** the sound

newly afoot a dock seemingly hottie taut darken wheel has line aboard and always say peekaboo  
by the sea
a man has a boat near the sea that  a  dock hasten surf
Insane Reverie Dec 2014
Can i mess with your heart a little?
Grant me a permission and
i could live with that guilt forever!
Dhaye Margaux May 2014
Look what you've done, my dear...
I'm now a paramour of pain -
A hater of love
An exultant victim
A jaunty loser
An outsider to my own temple.

Look at these hands I've been using for a long time
As my powerful instrument
To press out the deepest emotions
And the dimension of my mind.
They're now but feeble tools
To  grasp what you throw upon me.

These wounds
I love to see them bleeding
Like those brooks overflowing
Which make the most beautiful grin in your face.
My fragile body which is now lying
Waiting for another stone
Or another blade
Coming from you.

Look what you have done to me, my dear...
I am looking ahead.

You can't stand
To see me

I'm not the one in that old picture frame...

— The End —