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Elle Jul 2021
There's the exit door
Elle Jun 2021
Flies hum in the gloam
- their glowing bodies
float up high.
Thoughts swim through dark pools,
as my eyes stare wide at the unseen.
My fight
doused in doxepine,
rides waves to dancing shores.
This is a re-write. I wasn't happy with version 1!
Elle Jun 2021
Into the salt my body floats
Floatsam licks at my arms
Blackness beneath
Sand at my back,
                       rocks at my lungs
Water pours into my mouth and down my throat
Silent in the roaring abyss
Rock me gently to sleep?
I've become the waves, become the sea
   A drop of water against the might of the tide
Close my tired eyes and fade.

Into the wind a lonely gull hovers
Wings flap against the current
You. You call out through the thick air
You are deafening.
You are deafened.
   You search for crumbs
              Picking pieces off the surf.
Elle Jun 2021
Crumpling the atlas
I connect our paths
  May 2021 Elle
Solange Loe-Sack-Sioe
Fresh morning
Bluest of skies
Not one cloud to be seen
The sun in your eyes
Warm breeze
Beach sand tickling the feet
Close your eyes
Let it be
Do what you must today
Have fun
You don’t know what will come your way
You don’t know what tomorrow brings
and ...... if it comes along.
Carpe diem!!

Shell ✨🐚
  May 2021 Elle
Dust particles flicker
Like snow suspended
In the back and forth
An ocean of mo(u)rning
Light polishing pieces
Into small sea shells
Fragments of another
Body, of another life
Elle May 2021
In the night,
Churned metal and motors
Give way to the corn -
Flies hum in the gloam,
- Their glowing bodies float high.
Thoughts swim through dark pools.
Eyes, wide at the unseen.
My fight, doused in doxepine,
Rides waves to dancing shores.
Fight or flight
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