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Elle 4h
I missed the world turn
On its axis today
I was busy
Painting sandcastles
Dancing in single file
Humming with my eyes closed.
Elle 13h
This songbird's quiet
Hoarse throat
From the same old tune.
Let them sing. And fly.
Stifle my whistle
Calling in envy
A blue face. Red chest.
This songbird's silent
And the world carried on.
Elle 5d
Freshness hovers
From the afterglow of rain
I breathe in the crisp dew
Toes touching the damp grass
Time to dance
I am free;
I am wild.
Elle 5d
Alone, I walk with you
Your breath on my ear
The breeze at my back.
My tongue, stripped of eloquence
Hears only you
As I try to force words
Into existence
The rooks are in the trees
Their hyena laughs
Whisper in my mind
Waiting to throw me out
Silent to the world
I hear only you.
  Jul 22 Elle
K E Cummins
To be at peace
Quiet neighborhood
Hockey-stick kids
Leafy gardens

To be at peace
Inside my skull, present
Breathe between
Grief and grief

Here I rest
Wild geese calls
Wandering paths
Don’t pull me

Go, go, go; I’ll follow
Fly, I’ll be there after
Stillness carries inside me
Unbound by place or time

I am at peace, maybe
What, if not a constant battle?
I eat, sleep, rest
But the world is not an enemy
And I don’t know what to do
Elle Jul 22
Insects at dusk
Fidget in the corn
I stare across the ears
At the stillness.
- The momentary peace -
Composure, marred only
By the thump of my heart
  Jul 21 Elle
Carlo C Gomez
Exiled to dusk,
Fractions of the sun
Begin to lift away,
In concealment
We shudder,
Casting our reels
Into a pond of uncertainty,
Clock hands bend
With advancing shadow,
And speak of time
Only in past tense,
I so want everything
I ever felt for you
Preserved for posterity,
Even should forever
Be far less than
We imagined.
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