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Elle May 23
Happiness passed by
So long ago
But the grass looked greener
In scorched fields
And now I wallow
Across dry barren earth
  May 23 Elle
Maybe 10 years from today,
Maybe only 1 year away,
Or even just 1 day,
I will be able to say...
Words that should be said
Elle May 21
Nostalgia is
The laughter down the rec
As we poured beer
And did milk shots

Nostalgia is
The camp fires
The boys added hairspray to
And panicked

Nostalgia is
Your arm around my shoulder
Protective and proud
And very nervous

Nostalgia is
The Daisy chains
And gossip of
Who kissed who

Nostalgia is
The innocence of
Running wild in fields
Till the sun came up

Nostalgia is
Our beating hearts
Under the duvet
Hoping your brother didn’t hear

Nostalgia is
Knowing it’s just a memory
No longer to be

Nostalgia is
Looking at old photos
With a half smile
And chest ache
Elle May 20
The birds whistle their song
Traces of soft grass in the air
A prickly warmth on my back
A clench on my lungs.
Children’s laughter, a distant echo
The ice cream van tune
A stop motion picture
A clench on my lungs.
Elderly couples hold hands
A dog chases a ball
The world is turning
as there’s a clench on my lungs.
Elle May 14
The memory of you floats in
Suffocating my thoughts
With happy memories
Long since past.

Once, our hearts beat in time
Our smiles, our giggles.
Innocent in ignorance
Nestled in your room.

Now the distance echoes
It’s hollow lonely sound.
Time and space
My heart beats alone.
Teen love
Elle Jul 2021
There's the exit door
Elle Jun 2021
Flies hum in the gloam
- their glowing bodies
float up high.
Thoughts swim through dark pools,
as my eyes stare wide at the unseen.
My fight
doused in doxepine,
rides waves to dancing shores.
This is a re-write. I wasn't happy with version 1!
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