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Lucy May 29
Saturday night
She danced the night away
The night is over
But she still wants to play
Like the pied piper
She plays her tune
And friends, thieves and lovers
Fly from the moon
They’re excited to see
Disco ***** in all her glory
The musky hummmmm
Sweet and sticky
She likes it when
You give her bean a flicky
Her mating call
Is a sight to behold
Once you hear it
There is no escape
And like a Venus flytrap
She entices you in
So grab your snorkel
And dive into the depths
For are many treasures
That one can find
Disco ***** has nothing to hide
Evoke the Disco *****
For she’s always there for you
A sign of a magical night
Of what naughty deeds
You have been up to
And if you can’t remember
Disco ***** will be there to remind you
Lucy Feb 2017
Scar tissue
It's **** stuff
Though some people say
It's beautiful
In its own way
Like hardened lava
After the eruption
Of pain you once knew
Tugging on your soul
And heart
Making it hard to beat
Leaving you breathless
It's like a ghost
That haunts your every move
A reminder of the past
And of your strength
That you got this far
You made it through
Scar tissue
It's tough stuff
But so are you
Lucy Feb 2017
If only I found it easy
To express my love for you
Why don't the words flow
Like they used to

You are my strength
And always there for me
I wish I deserved you
But that will never be

You've never left me
Even when pushed away
Despite my self sabotage
And harsh things I say

I've let you see my dark
Others only see my light
Yet you stayed with me
And held me every night

I don't often say the words
I love you
My heart is scarred by the past
But you know, I really do
Sounds like I'm terrible to be around. But I'm not. Just was once and sometimes I am. Everyone has darkness, even those who shine everyday. How else could they shine so bright?
Lucy Feb 2017
Smell the air
The scent of autumn mulch
The rain pours and pelts
Washing away the memories of summer
Leaves of orange and red
Clinging on to branches
For dear life
Not wanting to let go

I know how that feels
To feel like you're being
Pulled so hard
Every day
Bashed and bruised
Forced to go to a place
You don't want to be

Like the leaves
You eventually fall
Are trampled on
Over and over
But duty calls
It's the circle of life

Then spring comes
And you wake
The sun is shining
And you can face the day
You tell yourself
It's all ok
Lucy Feb 2017
A ******* cloud  
I see it on the horizon

A storm of uncertainty and doubt
Coming closer and I wait

The fog rolls in and blinds me
Pain is so opaque

I cannot see
Fooled by the eye

It is not over
The worst is yet to come

When pain turns to sadness
It lingers and scars

Finally find my strength
And with it stand tall

I weathered the storm
Now the air is so pure

Breath in and out
Face a new day

Pick up what's left
And find happiness again
Lucy Feb 2017
I wake, sweat sodden sheets
It was just a bad dream
But it felt so real and I'm scared
That I'll never see you again

One day you'll go
That much is true
Like a thousand knives in my heart
Every day of my life

I'll look in the mirror
And will see your eyes
With tears staring back at me
Wishing to see your face again

Morbid thoughts I know
But it's my biggest fear
To not have you close to me
Or hold you near
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