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Jenny Ochoa Dec 2019
I wrote a letter once, a letter for my mom
it was filled with deep emotion, a letter for the strong!

"A developing girl growing in all places, boys constantly attacking cruelty on their faces. Sasquatch, big foot, gorilla they taunted, a poor vulnerable developing girl they haunted.
popular girls: you're dark ugly and fat
popular boys: mustache unibrow, why you look like that?!?
silently she wiped her tears every day & every night, her heart in constant pain, her brain slowly giving up the fight. laughing & smiling while dark thoughts took over her brain; drown yourself, hang yourself, hurry before you go insane. its finally her breaking point goodbye & farewell to all, she sits to write her letter to explain it all!"

I wrote a letter once, & stuck it between my bears
I hugged my mom so tight, she never knew it was my farewell!

"I parted from her loving arms trying no to cry
she handed me a positive test, I knew it wasn't my time!
I promise to love you and protect you from everything that is bad, I'm going to be the best big sister any brother could ever have! I grabbed that letter, you know the letter full of pain, I threw that letter to the trash, had to be love on the brain!"

I wrote a letter once, a letter for my mom to read
it never got delivered, for a special baby brother seemed to intervene!
I considered hurting myself back in 2008 I was bullied and taunted since elementary all the way to my freshman year of high school! my mom couldn't get pregnant after having me so I was an only child for 14 years and finally the year of 2008 that I decided to end my life god decided to bless my life with a little brother! safe to say I never attempted anything ever again and I'm constantly making sure he is okay!
Jenny Ochoa Nov 2019
Hasta el Corazon mas fiel y sincero
se convierte frio y rigido
despues de tantos mal tratos....
Jenny Ochoa Oct 2019
I see a darkness, a darkness I see
the light that once shinned is starting to part from me!
I reach, I grasp, I struggle to hold on
why does the darkness seem oh so strong
I want to smile, dance, laugh, and sing
but my emotions are strong, and tears run down deep
My family and friends start to fade away,
I don't want this darkness to get them, so I push them all away
'Fight, Fight, Fight" you are strong in every way,
my heart fights my mind, to see that light in any way!
After loosing my boyfriend to a motorcycle accident I'm in a constant battle with depression! blessed to have not only my parents to help me fight this battle but his as well!
Jenny Ochoa Oct 2019
La Mirada mas intensa, rosando me la piel....
ojitos tan hermosos, sus labios dulces con sabor a miel...
Su voz, su sonrisa , su sentido del humor...
suavecito y dulcesito mi mielesito encantador....
Jenny Ochoa Aug 2019
Su cuerpo fugaz rosando me la piel,
mi suspiros y gemidos
causados solo por el....

Cierro los ojos mi cuerpo tiembla de placer,
enredada en sus brazos
hasta no sentir el amanecer...

Besos sensuales mezclados entre sonrisas,
sus manos quitando me la ropa
siento que mi alma se excita...

Rosas en la cama, velas encendidas,
me hace tocar el cielo
cada noche y cada dia...

eres ese fuego, encendido en mi ser,
vivir a tu lado es vivir
en un mundo lleno de placer!
Jenny Ochoa Aug 2019
Gentle touch, a touch of gold...
My heart is complete when my hand you hold!

Mommy of mine, ohh mommy dear...
my heart is complete when your heart beat is near!

I love you so much, my heart you hold...
You carry within part of my soul!

Mommy of mine, my beautiful soul...
My love for you will eternally grow!
For you are the reason I live, laugh, and play...
the day you are blessed with wings my life will turn grey!

Angel of mine, my baby dear...
As long as I'm around you shall never fear!
For I'll be by your side to make memories from the heart, & promise to guide you & protect you even after I part!

Unconditional love, two hearts made of one...
the bond between a mother & Son!
A poem inspired & dedicated with lots of love to my dear friend June and her baby boy Sovereign <3
Jenny Ochoa Aug 2019
En la isla del amor todo se vence, porque entre enganos y dolor el amor es mas fuerte!

Viajemos a nuestra isla  juntitos tu y yo, dejando atraz los problemas, el desconfio y el temor!

Te amo a ti y a ti solamente!
Eres mio y yo tuya aunque nos juzguen locamente!
A veces La gente que quieres no te quiere ver con quien tu amas. Tiene uno que ser fuerte y luchsar por el amor aunque todos hacen lo possible de separar los!
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