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MacKenzie Warren May 2019
though my memories of you have faded
and i no longer remember the colors in your eyes
you will live forever in the pages of my journal
in my words, you will never die
MacKenzie Warren Mar 2019
i hope i'm still beautiful
inside of your heart
i hope it doesn't remember me
with patchy red cheeks
and sorrow in my eyes

i hope i'm still beautiful
inside of your heart
i hope it remembers me
reading peacefully in my favorite chair
and laughing on roller-coaster rides

i hope i'm still beautiful
inside of your heart
for you are still beautiful
bright eyed and smiling
inside of mine
MacKenzie Warren Feb 2019
our entire love affair was built upon broken bones and splintered hearts
music blaring and adventure in your heart, you said my eyes looked
like the moon and my smile crafted from pure sunshine
your gray eyes captivated mine, but only for a short time
for our lips collided, your earth shattered and mine stayed the same
in the blink of an eye car rides in late may faded away
5am calls saying you were outside no longer came
terrible comedy shows no longer play
and your hand is no longer intertwined with mine
you were looking for forever and i for a good time
you fell in love with my broken bits and ink stained hands
but i didn't fall for you and your starry eyes
MacKenzie Warren Feb 2019
she tucked her feelings deep into the walls of her heart
with her quiet words and unwritten letters
MacKenzie Warren Feb 2019
the sun began to rise
and the soft morning light danced over us
your eyes flicker open
and i am engulfed in millions of colors
for you are stunning
and i am enamored by you
MacKenzie Warren Feb 2019
warm weather crept its way upon the cold january air
windows open and vinyl spinning
cats on window sills and candles glowing
and depression sinking into its foul lair
the seasons are changing, slowly
as well as the emotions residing within me
restored with a glimpse of warmth
flooding stale apartment air with the freshness of spring
truly allowing for new beginnings
MacKenzie Warren Feb 2019
why do you continue to check up on me
the constant opening of closed doors
silent messages left for me to decipher

why do you haunt me like this
creeping up on me during twilight hours
your grasp tight on me as darkness settles
the moon illuminating my silent bedroom

after we locked the doors the first time
why didn't you stay gone
you should've stayed gone
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