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Entre le sac et le ressac
Ma muse nage nue
Au cœur des vagues
De neige immortelle
De la nuit tropicale.
C'est un mélange de sirène
Et de sauterelle
A la queue papillonnante bleue verte et grise
Qui plonge à intervalles réguliers
Dans le sauna des abysses
A la recherche des sources chaudes
Des volcans sous-marins
Où dorment les champignons sauvages
Et où paissent les rennes
En attendant le moka saveur airelles
D'un Petit Prince abscons portant masque, palmes et tuba
Qui danse la rumba cubaine.
Quand ma très chère se déhanche
Elle skie elle patine elle surfe
Elle nage elle plonge elle sue
Entre les battements de conga,
Les glissés et les déliés de son partenaire
Tout en tricotant des pas humides de calypso vierge
Ad libitum.
Ma Jalouse, Mon Unique, Mon Ultime
Sais-tu ce que Lord Invader, Sam Manning
Cyril Monrose, Charlie Parker, Louis Armstrong
Jack Sneed et Ernest Rangling
Sans oublier Blue Glaze Mento Band et Phil Madison ?
Et je m'arrête là pour l'instant,
Sais-tu ce qu'ils ont en commun ?
Eh bien vois-tu, ce sont tous mes ombres.
Tu ne pourras jamais me comprendre
Si tu ne les comprends pas
Et si tu ne sais pas ce que représentent pour moi
La mangouste et le raccoon.
De même que pour te comprendre il faut avoir lu tout Dostoievski
Pour me comprendre il faut avoir écouté tout Sly Mongoose
Car peut être n'as-tu vu en moi qu'aria et boléro, symphonie et concerto
Alors je t'explique : pour comprendre, n'essaie pas de philosopher
Lève-toi et bouge tout simplement et tu toucheras l 'essence
C'est du folklore, c'est du reggae, c 'est du mento, c'est du calypso, c'est du jazz,
C'est instrumental ou c'est vocal
C'est moi, mes ascendances et descendances.
Sly Mongoose c'est mes Frères Karamasov
Smerdiakov, Aliocha, Ivan et Dmitri
C'est mon Idiot, mon prince Lev Mychkine
C'est mon Joueur, mon Alexei Ivanovitch

Mon Rêve d'un Homme Ridicule
Et Raskolnikov errant dans la nuit dans Crime et Châtiment.
Sly Mongoose c'est l'histoire d'une mangouste maline
Qui a baptisé la fille du pasteur
De son eau sainte
Et qui fuit la Jamaïque
Et part à l'étranger
Après son forfait.
C'est l'histoire d'une mangouste qui vole les poules les plus grasses de la cuisine
Et qui les met dans la poche de son veston
C'est l'histoire d'une mangouste qui entre dans la cuisine d'un prédicateur
Et qui repart avec une des poules les plus grasses
Et tous les chiens savent son nom.
il s'appelle Sly Mangoose
Il est malin, il est vicieux, le compère
C'est mon ombre, que veux-tu
Et parfois pour échapper aux prédateurs
Il prend l'apparence de l'ombre d'un raccoon.
Brandon Conway Aug 2018
Half drowned in those wine dark eyes
drunk off those fermented words
that trickle off those lush rose lips
Calypso or Scylla, I know not
it doesn't even matter
as long as I am with you
Jenny May 2018

the passing hours
the blooming flowers

speeding rapidly by us,
unrecognizable blurs
faster than our eyes can adjust
we know anything could occur

in the backseat
we feel the heat,
experience the bittersweet
no longer very discreet

the cavities in our chests
suggest a darker theory
we don’t want to test
as we range from cheery to dreary

i have a lot to learn
on the path of no return
your inaudible concern
simmers into a slow burn

i tell you to go
all you say is no
call me cold
call you calypso

car rides are no longer entertaining
recently, this feels constraining,
stop feigning, theres nothing remaining,
nothing worth sustaining, it’s draining

we cannot communicate without
empty screens
empty stares
only adding to my doubt

falling out of love is like gravity
bringing me back down to earth
falling out of love is depravity
waiting for the rebirth

of feeling something again
i unhealthily think of you
every now and then
but ill pull through,

like calypso, you trapped me
in the middle of the sea
the only thing i could do was flee
i enjoy being free,

i have only regret
of the things ill never forget
like the curves of your silhouette
but I’m glad I’m no longer your juliet
stream of consciousness
sunshine Oct 2017
One of the seas
Why have you run off with my heart?
Does the sea not have enough hearts?
Do you not have enough men chase after you?
Oh, Calypso
Why do you do these things to me?
You torture me with every breath
You are my end
When the storms rise and fall
I am in the midst of your fury
How did you fall out of love with me?
I thought I was the only one
My dear Calypso
The end of my life has been spent
dying in your arms
So wash over me
And let the seas become me once more
For I am only a slave to your beauty
Lyn-Purcell Oct 2017
Here, I sail to regions unknown.
On the tides of bliss, you are shown.
Your sweet strokes can calm my heart.
As fear and pain depart.

How the sun is dim to your smile.
West winds blow as I dream of the Isle.
For one day, we will lock our hands.
Upon the golden sands...

Writhe and roar! Sea and tempest grow!
Rise, my Dutchman! Rock to and fro!
Set the sails and man all the helms!
Postpone our journey's end.

Death ascends upon the throne.
As wild as I am alone.
Come to the sea, and cut through the waves.
Hurry to your watery grave!

And my love, who can't be restrained.
I will vow that I'll make you pay!
Drag them, bind them, take their souls!
And hear the death bell toll!

For my love, I gave you my heart.
So that we will never part.
Forever you were my always.
I'll set the sea ablaze.

How I've dreamed we'd meet on the lands.
Words of love have crumbled to sand.
For years, I drown with misery.
I want my liberty...

Unlike you, my heart isn't chained.
Hear my *****, feel my pain!
Lost and cold, my heart knows no rest!
Within this dead man's chest...
Tweaked the poem a bit and added an extra section.
PoTC: DMC is one of my alltime favourite films and as I said before,
I'm obsessed with Davy Jones' Lullaby!

© Poem by Lyn-Purcell
© Song by Hans Zimmer. Owned by Disney.
Her silence
Pierces tge ear drums
And makes introspective
equal easy
To predict her levee overflow
Is an art form
That many mouths water for
One must possess her
Body and soul
To truly empathise
With her
Lillian Harris Dec 2015
The Weary, they wander
Onto my
Lonely shores,
Sailors with
Shipwrecked vessels,
Travelers grim with
Soles scraped sore

They seek to quell
Their solitude
Ill fated and alone,
And finding me
Beside the sea
They postpone

I welcome them
With flames alight
Inside the hearth
Of my heart
Although I know
They never stay,
That soon they will

Every time that
One arrives
The feeling sprouts
He'll leave me
And I know it,
But there's nothing
I can do

I am Calypso, cursed
To long for love
That is unchanging
No solace rolls in
With the tide
The tempest, still,
Is raging.
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