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River Scott Jun 24
Midas turned what he loved to gold
I wish I could do the same
Instead my touch brings destruction

No matter what I hold
I find it always ends the same
Lovers, friends, any other

My destruction knows no bounds
I often wonder, did Midas feel this way?
River Scott Oct 2020
what if?
what if all this studying
is for nothing?

what if?
what if i cant do it
i crack in the real thing
i just fall apart
how will i know?

i doubt everything
every little move
every little decision
what if it is not enough?
college is rough and im struggling
River Scott Oct 2020
oh how far i have
let myself go

i have forgotten
how it feels
how the words

no more

i need to express
how i feel
and i have never learned
how to be vocal

its been about five years since i last wrote a poem.
River Scott Aug 2016
It's been
1 month
730 hours
43800 minutes

Since I left
Since I walked away
Since I realized, that you,
were not what I wanted
that you didn't treat me
the way you should

I realized, happy
shouldn't be fleeting
shouldn't be just you and I
shouldn't be, just here and there

Now I'm alone
And I'm not sure that's any better.
Why can't I just let it go.
River Scott Mar 2016
i sit in my room
unpacking everything of my winter clothes
to begin to move out of the dorms for summer
and i have to stop

you can go months in your house safe
but after so long
your parents have to put you down
they have to remind you
that they don't believe in you

i cant help you
and i sit in my floor
on the verge of tears
because all i want to do
is remove the toxins
from your life
when your boyfriend has ****** parents, it gets to you some nights
River Scott Nov 2015
i stopped bleeding
bleeding the words
the feeling
i needed to write
and now
im bottled up inside

and i cant think anymore.

I have to keep writing.
River Scott Jul 2015
There's something about
the feeling of your arms
and the way the hold me
but i don't get that anymore

i will get them back eventually.
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