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Evie G Mar 22
The time would be 3:00, had it not been hidden behind the countdown
The wavering vrrrrrrrrrrrrr of the microwave is not enough to wake
The naive parental mind, causing the ideal image to break
The ping
Of the microwave waits
Torn between warmth and fear
It is this moment when the panic sets in,
for the door


the miniature metallic square
The pop of door
The stench of soggy noodles

And so she is safe

Until another 3:00
Hey there,
Playing with space a bit with, yk, for funzies. Any comments much appreciated
JoyAndPain Nov 2020
roses are red
my name is not dave
this makes no sence
this is not my own. search memes about poems on google and click images and you should find it.
Sage May 2020
Underneath the surface,
the earth is the microwave.
We are the engine, we are the heat wave.
The earth and it's rhythm is enough to move the world. We intercede in the natural process, so we corrupt the cycles.
rowdy lee May 2020
I'll look at a kid girl across the bar
and will fall in love with her -

what's that
in her eyes
what's that? -

at that moment

there is a new order in the printer

and I have to make a drink
melli7 Feb 2020
I hate
washing dishes. But I don't
discriminate (pots and
pans and spoons and measuring
cups are also on my *****

when I bake
in a microwave,
in one bowl,
with one mixing fork,
and no measuring tools,
it's sort of kind
of a bit of
a miracle
when the baked thing rises
AND it
MisfitOfSociety Dec 2019
Out of the womb into the microwave.
Brain cells pop,
Electric shock.
We all worship,
In the house of metal.
Devil in the computer,
Screams like a kettle.

She sings through the holes in my head,
She likes me better when I’m half dead.
Fading in and out like a ghost,
Possessing me when she needs me the most.

Metal temptress.
No one sings like you.
Metal temptress.
No one can dress like you.
I hear your whispers through the radio.
I see your image on the video.

Pavements of heaven grow colder against your moonlight.
Your lies rung through my head,
I still see the truth in what you said.

No one lies like you,
No one believes you like I do.
Kieran Messer Apr 2019
Soggy crusts:
Sustenance for us lazy.
As we hear our battle cry --
The endless beeps of the microwave --
We gaze longingly,
Prepared for the mess we have made.
More food fun: I'm publishing one I wrote about fried chicken tomorrow.
Jodie-Elaine Mar 2019
Let the babble stop
Let the brain farts cease
Let pleasure be your guide
And the poet slip into their persona,
Like a performance uniform,
A slip dress
An existential throw up of thoughts like
Bad Chinese food.
The kind that climbs out of Tupperware,
slippers ready

Of Tupperware and ready slippers
***** out takeaway rice.
Performance uniforms sit up in bed,
Babbling about existential poets.
The bad Chinese food
Waltzes with its guide,
Brain dribbles out of nostrils.
Dear night-shoes,
This babble has ceased,
Anya Oct 2018
I was eating a cookie
But it was too hard
So I put it in
The microwave
For a minute
And guess what?
It worked!
MisfitOfSociety Apr 2018
Out of the womb into the microwave,
transforms you into a mindless slave.

Diet soda, chips with dip and a bucket of KFC,
sit next to me.
Black holes for eyes absorbant as a sponge to the colors in view.
The colors come to collide,
To whisper a message to my mind.
A message consisting of anime girls and talking animals,
not what people would call manly,
but it is a guilty pleasure,
so spare me the commentary.

So as I was saying,
I lay unmoving,
Licking my greasy fingers like a fat ****,
strapped down to my living room chair,
whilst the colours penetrated through my eye hole,
cutting deep into my soul.
******* out my mother ******* brain,
clearing reality out and washing it down the drain,
The conditioning from the wash has left me braindead,
painted a picture I don't understand but I will remember what it has said.

of dreams and wonders,
grab me by the hand,
and whisp me off to wonderland.
It takes me,
Like a reaper,
out of my body,
to an obscure,
painting a picture,

Living in a world of simultaneous information,
Crawling inside and taking away my perception,
a part of me is taken away.
They have,
Taken my eyes, so I can't see
Taken my ears, so I can't hear
Taken my heart, so I can't feel,
Taken my mind, so I can't think.

Out of the womb into the microwave,
transforms you into a mindless slave.
What did I just write
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