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Lyn-Purcell Aug 2018
The air filled with laughter and cheers, leaving me
and Ainhara on the hill
"Oh dear," my handmaid smiles. "It appears it will be a long night.
Parting Paul from our sweet Esshi will prove difficult."
"Difficult but not impossible," I chime. "Come, Ainhara,
let us enjoy the rest of the night!"
'My wish came true tonight,' I beam.
'I will always remember this fantastic gala...' as I enter
the main dining hall with all my friends from near and far,
all my friends of many cultures as we join in laughter, in
glee, ever hopeful for the future of our thriving Kingdoms.
With every sip of wine, every nibble of the fine
dishes, all of our bonds have strengthened.
So now, let us be like the lanterns,
and rises together, sailing through the horizons
to touch the Heavens above.
Eager for the adventures ahead...
This marks the last chapter of the Gala series!
I do hope everyone enjoyed it, I had a blast writing it.
Thank you so much everyone for the support!
It truly means to the world to me,
To Queen Donna and King Dean of Vesian,
I wish you all the happiness in the world.
Congratulations again on your marriage
and to the Great Lady of Haikus, happy belated birthday!
Tomorrow, I'll be sure to put it all in a collection for
you. I hope you enjoyed the series! ^-^
Stay blessed everyone and much love!
Queen Lyn ***
Lyn-Purcell Aug 2018
All of them fill the skies, warm tender lights
forming strings of rainbows in the night's sky.
"Fifty lanterns to mark your fifty years," Paul chuckles
as he sees Donna's tears of joy. Dean even blinks
away tears, embracing his wife's back and rubbing
"Happy belated birthday, Donna," I say as I approach her.
"Thank you all so much," she sniffles as she embraces Paul
tightly. "I'll always remember this... But the greatest
present you've all given me is just being here.
All my friends from near and far, I'm grateful to
know you all."

We all gasp in wonder as the lanterns seem to gather and
rise to the very Heavens.
"Alright everyone! To the feast!" Paul beams and everyone
cheers. Dean and Donna share a loving kiss before walking
down the hill towards to Palace, stars glitter in everyone's eye.
"Esshi! Esshi, honey! You're sitting with me!" Paul cooes and I
spot him jogging to Esshi's side and carrying her bridal style.
"K-King Paul! T-this is most improper!" she squeals,
trying to hide her burning facing with her hands.

"No it's not! Besides, your Queen says we can marry!
Only fitting that I get to know my fiance!"
"The same fiance you're lying too!" Sue laughs.
"Paul, put the poor girl down," Donna shakes her head.
He stuck his tongue out and carries her into
the palace.
"Brandon, come near her and I'll fight you!" he warns.
Brandon only rolls his eyes. "A fight I'll willingly accept!"
Part 5 of 10!
One more to go! ^-^
Lyn ***
Lyn-Purcell Aug 2018
Though we could not see the emblem,
we know who eachof the colours belong to
Sue's Kingdom of Ruikruya releases lilac paper lanterns,
Edmund's Chairis forest-green,
Sarita's  Khaikar orange lanterns,
Omni's Khaniel silver,
Deb's Daegeral magenta,
Devon's Monait blue-violets,

Kim's Geniael cream,
Emeka's Ghalali white,
Robin's Naeneiana periwinkle,
Fugue's Thavia blacks,
Fawn's Yuamor red-violets,
Yacov's Igrador olive-green,
Dawn's Khesian dandelion-orange,
Joseph's Eaqellurene bronze,
Jugnu's Enuryn jade-green,

Fredrick's Emirinait mauve,
Yidna's Puhan indigo,
Rob's Balan sea-green,
Cne's Phelyra turquoise,
John's Khesian melon-red,
Xaela's Lonusea peach,
Aslam's Ikaesa deep plum,
Ayumi's Wadia tan-gold,
Brandon's Huarean ocher,
Sheila's Naizzuzia cornflower-blue,
Kikodinho's Izugalla in taupe,
Stars' Yurithireatha green-yellow,
Jobira's Zavalon in orange-red
and lastly, my Aurelinaea deep blue

Part 4 of 10!
Lyn ***
Lyn-Purcell Aug 2018
"She is. I think I make it worse with my constant
teasing." I chuckle. "But yes, I'm sure Paul's
'appreciation' for her is overwhelming.
He showers her too much with compliments."
We are lost in conversation until we heard Paul clapping,
gaining everyone's attention.
"Now that everyone has made their wishes, it's time
for us to present Donna and Dean with their
final gifts," he smiles. "Donna, Dean, would you be so
kind as to follow me up the hill? There's something
we all have to show you!"

"Final gifts?" Dean is confused. "This party is enough,
as were all the shipments. What else do you have to give
Paul only chuckles and says nothing, beckoning them to
come to him. When Donna looks at everyone's faces,
she sees a sea of smiles, all knowing, all kind.
"Everyone, what's going on?" Donna asks.
"You'll find out soon enough!" Sue winks as Dean
takes Donna's hand and everyone walks down a pathway
that leads up to a high hill, where we can all see the horizon.

Many of our distant kingdoms and the very calm seas.
One of the Luciuscemian guards holds a large green paper
lantern with the gold sun on Luciuscemi on it before
releasing it into the air.
"Paul, what's going on?" Dean asks his friend as
the paper lantern float high.
Donna gasps when she sees more small green
Luciuscemian lantern fly, and when her eyes look
to the horizon, the night skies come alive.
An abundance of paper lanterns are released into
the air, each of many colours.
Part 3! ^-^
Lyn ***
Lyn-Purcell Aug 2018
"But I'll admit, how Paul is looking at those two is
bothering me." I raise a brow. "Ainhara, you
go and speak to Sue and Yidna, tell them I will
be there shortly."
Tucking an apple blossom in her hair, she curtsies and
leaves my side, joining the diverse conversation,
and joyous laughter.
As I walk up the steps, I see Edmund and his wife
walk down, I smile and nod their way which
they return and I am by Paul's side.
"Why is the King pouting now?" I roll my eyes.
"I legit may poison Brandon's food," he says.
"Paul!" I hit his arm.
"What! He's tempting me to do it! He's all
over Esshi!"

"Oh my," I facepalm, "You're upset that Brandon
is entertaining Esshi?"
"Yes," Paul pouts. "No fair, I saw her first! She's mine!"
"Oh Paul," I sigh and laugh, "Sometimes I don't
know what to do with you."
"You can help by assisting Luciuscemi take arms
against Huarean."
"Behave yourself!" I hit his arm again. "You are not going
to war with Brandon."
"He's flirting with my girl!"
"Talking, not flirting. There's a difference. He's not you!"
At that moment, Esshi giggles in response to
Brandon's comment.

"I'm the only one that should make her smile
and laugh like that. She's too adorable!
So, I'm gonna wife her!" Paul says.
"I won't let you. And no, I am not jealous!" I cut him off and
walk down the steps, smiling at his antics.
"You're not going to stop me, Lyn!"
"Challenge accepted!" I wave my hand and
walk to Kim, Donna, Dean, Sue, Ainhara and Yidna.
"What was that about?" Sue asks.
"Paul's upset Brandon's talking with Esshi."
"Seriously?" Yidna tries not to laugh.
Kim only chuckles and Donna shakes her head.
"Between his incessant flirting and playful nature,
it's a wonder how Esshi has not exploded from
shyness. She certainly is a timid thing." Donna sighs.
Part 10, part 2 ^-^
Lyn ***
Lyn-Purcell Aug 2018
Following everyone down Paul's grand hall,
I cannot help but smile and hum, Ainhara's
arm links with mine.
"My Lady seems to be jumping with joy!"
Ainhara beams.
"I am," I chuckle, "I'm just so excited for
Donna and Dean to see their final present
from us all."
"As am I, my lady."
"So, how do you find King Brandon?"
I ask Ainhara.
"Very charming, " she responds, "and
very articulate. Like King Paul, he shares
your love for myths and legends."
"Well, they do hold truths. People
underestimate how much one can learn
from it."
"I concur."

I look at Esshi and Brandon
walking in front of me. As she is
timid, I see that his smile and calm
nature put her at ease.
Soon enough, we found ourselves outside,
the afternoon sky has darkened and the
stars have bloomed.
'Perfect', I smile more as we all walk down
the marble steps two by two.
"Ok, everyone has their coin? If not,
please collect one from my guards
and make your wish at the Fountain!"
I hear Paul beam from ahead.

"What will you wish for, My Lady?" Esshi
turns and asks me. "I know you have already
made a wish, but I assume you have more."
"Plenty," I chuckle. "I never run out of wishes."
Brandon smiles, "Sounds just like you, Queen Lyn."
"You can't blame me for being a little girl at heart."
As the queue moves forward, I see Donna and Dean
walk down together, pause, then throw their
coins into the water.  Then the other Kings and
Queens follow before it comes to Brandon
and Esshi's turn.
And finally, the last part of the Gala!
Enjoy! ^-^
Lyn ***
Lyn-Purcell Aug 2018
"No, My Lady," Ainhana chuckles.
Esshi flushes at Paul's smile.
"Okay, you need to stay away from my
handmaids from now on!" I point at Paul
who looks at me innocently.
"Why? I've done nothing wrong!" He says
dramatically. "You are just jealous."
My eye twitches slightly. "I'll let you keep that

I stick my tongue out at him and huff,
much to their amusement.
Paul chuckles. "Love you too!"
He walks up some of the steps, turns
and claps, gaining everyone's attention.
"Come everyone! Before the feast, we must
make our wishes before the Angel's Fountain."
He says as he leads the way to the inner

"Keeping us company, Brandon?"
"Of course," he chuckles. "After all,
we need to shield Esshi from Paul's
flirtations before she literally dies
of embarassment."
"M-my Lord!" Esshi exclaims as
me and Ainhana giggle.
'Time for Donna's great and
final surprise!'
I beam!
And this marks the end of Part 9!
One more final chapter and this series is over! ^-^
I hope you're all enjoying it so far!
Part 10 will be out tomorrow!
Thanks so much everyone,
much love
Lyn ***
Lyn-Purcell Aug 2018
"I try! And I know my tea."
"So when will I hear of your own marriage?"
Donna teases and I flush.
All that leaves my lips is, "Uhhhhhh..."
Donna only laughs at my response and pats
my shoulder gently. "I am sorry if I made you
uncomfortable. Take your time with it. But try
not to put it off for too long. Marriage is a
wonderful thing. Spend your life with someone
you love and loves you so much in turn."

"Now you sound like my mother."
"And Mothers always know best!" She winks
as Sue and Kim and Yidna and Sarita and
Jugnu and Fawn and Stars and Dawn
all approach her as Donna gives her
thanks to each of them individually,
Kings and Queens.
I stand there and simply watch them
with a smile.
"Hey!" a voice whispers behind me.
"Good Lord!" I exclaim while jumping
out of my skin. Immediately, I
look behind to see a snickering Paul.
"I'm not amused! It's not funny!" I snap
but he only snickers louder at me.

"I really hate when you do that..." I
say, my hand on my heart as I try to
slow my beating. "No apology?"
"Nope!" Paul grins. "You're so uptight, I swear.
Relax!" He slugs his arm around my shoulders as
I just shake my head. "By the way, everything's
ready for her final surprise. So let's head out
to the inner courtyard."
I nod. "Where's Esshi and Ainhana?"
"Right here," another voice cuts in
and I see King Brandon with both
my handmaids. "Such charming
young ladies."
"You've been flirting with them too,
Part 3! ^-^
Paul, I swear you're so **** cheeky loool!
One more to go! ^-^
Lyn-Purcell Aug 2018
A plain white sash across his chest;
with black trousers and matching boots.
"They look so happy together," Sarita
leans over to my ear, a smile in her
voice as everyone cheers.
"They really do." I say back. "Long
may they reign."
Hand in hand, Donna and Dean
descend down the steps as Paul
emerges from the crowds, the cheers
dying down.

"Donna, Dean!" He embraces Dean like
a brother, and kisses Donna's hands.
He has a playful grin. "Welcome to
"Thank you for having us," Donna replies
as she looks around. "Oh my, you weren't
kidding when you said everyone was coming."
"We all have love for you. And we are all
thrilled about your marriage."
Donna turns to face everyone. "Thank you
all ever so for all your presents. Even now,
my men are still unpacking. To everyone
for wishing me and my family well, just know
I am greatly touched and humbled by all of
your support and kindness."
As she curtsies, we all cheer and return the

I shyly approach her. "Queen Donna."
"Little Queen Lyn," she chuckles as we
embrace. "Ah! You look lovely!"
"Compared to you, I'm a plain Jane.
How long did it take to make a fine
dress?" I stroke my finger on the vibrant
embroidery on her skirts.
"Months. I'm just glad it was finished in
time for Paul's fine event. Same with
my love's jacket!"
I see Dean and Paul laughing together.
"By the way, thank you so much for the
rose-silks you sent me. And the crates of
wines and teas. You are quite the
connoisseur for your age. The book you
supplied me about each and every one
of those herbal teas is very impressive."
Second part of 9! ^-^
Lyn ***
Lyn-Purcell Aug 2018
"She's finally here!" Sue claps as we all rise
from our seats and walk to the Ballroom.
There they are, atop the marble steps!
Queen Donna and Dean of proud Vesian,
both dressed in bright red. The couple faces
each other with loving smiles as the cacophony
of cheers and claps echoes through the great
Luciuscemi Palace.

From afar, I study Donna's beautiful gown;
the shade of wine, made of velvet, her sleeves
long and puffed. Her bodice embrodiery is
extraordinary; patterned with red Rose of Vesian,
but since her marriage, she added a white
one. The embrodiery comes alive under the
light of chandelier; glittering with intricately
cut rubies and agates and sunstones for
Donna's red roses, emeralds and peridots
for the coiling stems and thorns, quartz
and white opals and moonstones for
the white roses.

Her hair in a curly updo, ringlets framing
her wise and kind face with a simple white
diamond tiara resting upon her head; a simple
rose chain and earrings to complete her look.
In contrast, King Dean wears a deep crimson
coat of red and white roses brocade that falls
past his knees and above his ankles;
slits on the sides  and on the back as well,
I imagine. I can see the black lining
underneath that fine coat.
Part 9 is done! ^-^
Lyn ***
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