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Jean Mar 2022
I’m scared of this
What’s between us
I think you deserve better than me
You’re going to say it’s not true
And I’ll believe you
I’ll believe you

I’m in the stage
where I am intimidated by you
by what we have
by what you mean to me

This fear will pass though
Like clouds in the sky
they will pass by
this will pass by
Jean Mar 2022
What is being alive?
If not to grow
and I choose to grow
with you
Jean Mar 2022
this unbarring of my soul
that’s called poetry
Is a stripping off of my clothes
and showing you the hidden parts of me
and I want you to see me
I want you to see me
and all my scars
and all my stretch marks
I want you to see my anger and my pain
I want you to see my weakness and my sin
I want you to see my joy
Because in the end it all points back to Him
and that is the most beautiful thought
Most beautiful thought
Jean Feb 2022
I don’t understand why you love me
I don’t think I ever will
where I see stretch marks
because my stomach swelled
you see change
where I see scars
because life was too much
and I needed to release some of the agony inside me
you see healing
where I am disgusted
you are patient
and sit with me in my pain
and ask to hold my hand

I don’t understand why you love me
I don’t think I ever will
but I understand that you do
and even when your love is beyond me
and I am scared of it
I will be patient
and I will sit with you in my discomfort
and ask to hold your hand
Jean Feb 2022
bored out of my mind
i already get this
please get me out of here
i want to talk to you
Jean Feb 2022
I look forward
to the day
that I can say goodnight
but not
Jean Feb 2022
Tonight you sat down
Scouring through love letters
written by your grandparents
Johnny was in the Philippines
And Ena was back home
I wish I were there with you
No mask
No distance
I wish I were there with you
Pouring over love letters and
Not needing to write them
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