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It gets better;
That's what liars say;
So I guess that's what I am today.
Because I don't know what else to do
Than sit and hope right next to you
And watch the nightmares take their toll,
On the fragile, loving, gentle soul
That now before me loses sleep,
And cannot bring himself to weep.
I wonder at the things inside-
A broken heart, a damaged pride;
Swirling like a sea in storm,
Waiting in a shapeless form
Of misery; of rage, and hate,
Unable to communicate
These things that write themselves upon
The soul that's quickly almost gone.
In your grief, you don't deny
That grass is green,
And blue the sky
But you cannot seem to tell me why
Your heart still thinks it's all a lie,
That good can't still exist here now
That all is done, let's take a bow-
But yet, I still can't tell you how
Time heals all, if allowed.
I've been there in your shoes before,
Locked in shadows, behind closed doors;
I know this path you're walking down,
The one that changes joy to frowns-
This waiting pool where sorrows spin-
To catch you in their clutch again;
But I can't convince you that I'm sincere-
Uttering words, that you won't hear;
And I feel like I'm lost,
Like there's nothing to say-
So I tell you it's fine,
It will all be okay.
For Jesse
Love is never an accident.
Whether it be love at first sight,
Or whether it’s cause to lament.
If you fall in love it was right.

Each time we love we were meant to.
Whether it comes after a chase,
Or regret of the depths sent to.
To feel love is an act of grace.

The feeling of love never lies.
Whether you love somebody wrong,
Or someone you idealize.
Love and truth together belong.

Love is never an accident.
Whether it makes you feel guilty,
It’s always a gift Heaven sent.
Love is absolute purity.
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Word Jan 2018
The hole enlarges each time the heart breaks
So deepens the emptiness with it
Deserted lands dried with no form
It is as if the soul has long left
Seeking its rightful place in the afterlife
Searching for where to belong
Unlike my body which is already doomed from inception
No matter its journey, its path ends in distraction
Death will be the end
None can escape the ordained fate

I now question my knowledge
Because my heart longs for all that I know to be wrong
How can all this be sin when it feels so right?
My body craves the lustful passions of the mind
Yearning to take bite of that forbidden fruit
My hands stretching only towards that which is sinful
Thirsting for the evil wine
I wish to dine and feast on all this beauty in my sight
My eyes see only that which tempts
Every confession is the genesis to the next one
No sooner as I am whole, do I sin again

Often I ask why it is I feel at home in this folly world
This condemned place, home to righteous men.
Why is it that its strangeness excites me this way?
And its darkness attractive to me
In the depth of silence i hear her voice in the winds calling out to me
In the loudest of noises, I can hear her celebrating with me
And in the morning when I can see her beauty, I appreciate each day I wake to see it
Enchanting goddess of love, bound with this righteous of men?
Perfectly curved edge to edge, each curve more enticing, more arousing than the last
Ever teasing pleasures, she presents
Never allowing me a chance to get used to the warmth of her embrace
In that moment, all is good, the yin and the yang are all coloured white, all is right
In harmony we move back and forth in a circle
Moreover, I start forgetting the pain that this life come with
Surely, this love is a curse
Jumpsuitriot Jun 2016
Take my hand, I'll take the lead
And every turn will be safe with me
I fell in love, despite our differences,
and once i did, something rare and beautiful was created.
For me, love like that has only happened once,
and that's why every minute we spent together
has been seared in my memory.
I'll never forget a single moment of it.
No mountain's too high and no ocean's too wide,
I'll come for you, where ever you go, no matter how far.
Let it rain, let it pour, what we have is worth fighting for.
You know I believe that we were meant to be.
Don't be afraid, afraid to fall,
You know I'll catch you through it all.
Shannon Feb 2015
Rotted soul of good intention,
mine is an apple core
on an old black road
in a holy heat.
Sinner, slow down!
Sinner stop your dancing
and start praying
for your people
that they start praying
for you
'Cause it's gonna take a churchyard full
of bake sales,
and it's gonna take a winter full of galoshes by the church door
it's gonna take a village to save you, child.
Heathen, pull your skirt down!
stop them hips swaying left, slooow,
swaying right, sloooow
as you walk down that dirt road kicking up dust
like you was a young colt running.
Oh it's gonna take a lot saving,
Yessum, it's gonna take a lake a dunking...
Oh but Lord! It's gonna take a lot of praying,
Hallelujah, gonna need a lot of rosaries
to save your eternal life, girl
I am as rotten as a pit of peach,
dried and without yield. no value, no good.
Child, it's gonna take a revival to save this soul.
Mama, start that revival and save your babies soul.


this piece started out slow, but has gained momentum and as always, it's a piece i love so thanks and as i once again find myself: i am always honored and grateful when people support my work by indicating if they liked it and comment with any suggestions or to say hi.

— The End —