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Le Beau Jun 15
There’s nothing to hide 🌑 no way to 💯 🌎 relate 🌎disagree 🌎disengage we’re 🏃‍♀️ into each other 🌎 are the 🎼 that writes itself the melody replays in the 🔑 of elevated living 🌎forget the 📝 but never forget the feeling glory & divinity conduct our symphony 🌎 are ♾ infinity wrapped in sacred 🔮 🌎are meant for 🌍 are flowing 🌏 are growing 🌏 are open like the Red 🌊 👨‍👩‍👧 walkthrough with 🤩 & 🥳 🌏 kneel here 🌏 🤕 here 🌏 🚪our ♥️s to the heavens 🌏 use our 😢 to 🧼 the 🖼  the 😱 floods us the  💕 is ⚡️ 💋💄💎❤️ 🌏  💃  🕺🏼 in the 🌧 until the 😱is drained because ❤️💋💎💄is the 💡❤️💋💄💎is insight the body 🤕but the 🙏grows the flesh is starving while wisdom overflows.
I got uh question only ABBA knøw the answer too?
Le Beau May 4
Always get the money its something about the hustle & bustle of everyday life I pick a canvas then paint it how I like with neon lights so I can attract butterflies
Le Beau May 3
I’m not sure how I intend to make a living but I’m gonna make it out the hood one day I’m not tryna be poor forever & I’m done with going to jail wasted years of my life I can never get back I’m just tryna do exactly what it is I said I would can’t deviate from the mission when u in a stabilized position it’s better to not get noticed then to be looked down upon can’t be stupid nowadays u have to want to survive & u have to keep moving forward to do that I’m thinking to much sometimes so I smoke marijuana to ease my mind & when I see my life through the eyes of the Lord I’ll leave all my worries behind take up my cross daily & live for nobody but Jesus in my room making music for the boredom but I know it’s stupid to waste time on useless projects I hope my journalism isn’t worthless yet I throw them in the garbage instead of saving them for what who wants to read my thoughts I will share my story with u if u would share your dollar with me
Le Beau May 3
If u don’t got nothing good to say then don’t say nothing at all
Le Beau May 3
I believe that writing is different than typing it takes more concentration with less suggestions unless u brain stormed our thoughts are powerful ideas spark inventions & inventions spark evolution if I’m right this just a opinion on the topic of writers having soft hands compared to someone working in construction I’m constantly being tempted by the she devil to be a *** toy for her pleasure not mine I don’t bust a nut all the time I use my fleshlight because of the material needing lubricant instead of natural juices it causes tension on top of the tension I’m trying to release in the first place I won’t a new perspective to be appreciated & loved is all I want I’m getting support from friends & family so I’m in good hands needing a check but I’m a felon with a fetish for marijuana I’ll quit but I don’t know what it would take to replace the feeling or would the desire just vanish ?
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