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liza Jan 2019
indefatigable fools
fighting currents
Acting all different
just to stand out
Arguing with reality
frightened by normality
Majority ain't got time
for this purposeless rebellion.
Tryin to impress with a
dead dude's philosophy
but got no original thoughts.
Taking big like some prodigy
What a sad parody
Nothing but mindless beans
looking for a way outa
Social rejection
Drug addiction
blaming side affects of
anxiety and depression
Left behind
bruised and beaten
People shout, "just shut up
Sit back in your sadle
You ain't surviving
this battle;  Life
It hands out punches
just roll with it
go with the flow
No need to stay low, tho
Let 'em know
who's the real you"
But incorrigible fools
ignoring advise
Not worth ego sacrifice
they see no alternative but
a prideful stride to suicide
liza Sep 2018
i dreamt of an older me
looking back at my life,
And i cried
not about all the mistakes
i made, but all that i
 could've done right
 if i hadn't waisted
so much time
crying over those mistakes
liza Sep 2018
I regret the fact that I struggled
trying to find who I am
And I lie to myself and say,
''I do the best that I can''
Shrug it off like it ain't nothing
like it’s out of my hands
Then get ticked off whenever I see it affecting my plans
liza Sep 2018
We've all had that
end of the world
moments, but still
life had a way of adding
day to day
Here we are, living
i t
a l l
liza Sep 2018
I knew the moment i got the call
that you were already gone
What laid there
beside the straight lines,
was all you left behind
for me to say goodbye to

I just wanted to run
and see if I could catch up
Maybe fly away with you
But they kept me hostage
forcing me to look
at that cold, lifeless shell

That was not how i wanted
to remember you
They told me it was better this way
You were now in peace
This life of pain and suffering
was not your deserving

You were beginning the life of an Angel
Your heart was too big for your frame
Never will i forget that golden heart
and loveliness, so true
You shared it with everyone
The homeless people too

The world was too big
to carry on two feet
They needed you to fly
so i guess the life of an angel
has more meaning
for you and us all
the day my mother past away
liza Sep 2018
This sense of indecision
Ain't what we had in mind
The dream that I envisioned
I am still hoping to find

Been chasing empty memories
The kind that's keeping you down
Can't seem to find my stride
Just trying to live my life

Been feeling suffocated
Searching for vindication
I know that something's missing
But the world keeps on turning

We're losing all this daylight
But soon the moon's gonna rise
There's no need to worry
Our luck is turning around

These final puzzle pieces
We tried but they're too tight
But if we ease the pressure
I bet they'll fit just right

Sometimes it takes some patience
Sometimes it works first try
But I know that this is worth it
Cause this dream's too strong to die

There's no need to worry
Cause I can feel it
Turning, turning
Our luck is turning around
liza Sep 2018
don't try to follow
your heart
because the heart
cannot see
the heart is there to
feel the journey
not to lead you on it
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