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KZ Feb 2017
I am extremely behind,
So I ask you to help me find,
Where I have gone blind.

KZ Jan 2017
Condition your mind,
To see what you can find,
Because society has caused us,
to go blind.

KZ Jan 2017
Reality lies,
In ways the eyes cannot see.

KZ Dec 2016
I just wanted to say thank you.
5 years in the Fam,
5 years with a band i appreciate.
KZ Dec 2016
There is a lot of conflict in this world today.
I say it is evil.

There is a lot of hate amongst us all,
and I classify it as no love.

There is a lot of disgust towards those who are different,
I say it is a misunderstanding.

We still fight to become equal,
so we write our own sequels;
and the stories we classed as magical,
have now turned into something autobiographical.

and solitude,
is now easily tangible.

A little note to sum up a major part of the world we are soo blessed to live in.
KZ Dec 2016
For I am weak,
because im not heard.

For I am strong,
because i haven't  stayed silent.

For I am one,
who stands alone,
whilst you watch,
with your heart of stone.

KZ Dec 2016
Is not a form of weakness,
It is a catalyst to give you power.
A catalyst,
To display,
All your difficulties out front,
Without having to play the role of the strong figure;
Faking that smile, laugh,
Through your difficulties.
You need to,
The realisation of weakness,
Often leads to something rare,
Your strength.
A strength you never thought you had!

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