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Elisa Cinelli Apr 2020
reckless driver
and I kept riding shotgun

we thought
it wasn’t real life
we bled and we didn’t notice stains or

how special, we thought,
to dream as two
GulRukh Jun 2019
Beautiful soul
I wanna bear it all

Pink lips, tan skin
Every second with you is sin

I want us naked
It's hard but we can make it

Our love can defy all the laws
I wanna see all of your flaws

I wanna touch the light coming out of it
Let's tangled our lights where it can fit
Slowly assassinating my soul
You are the best thing I've ever hold

Poison or cure
I'll sip it if you pour
Don't wanna run away ... not anymore
reina empática May 2019
Bound by expectations
that I'm never gonna meet
Chained by society
but yet they say I'm free
I swear I'm human
yet the person everyone wants; isn't who I wanna be
Held down by my own limits
but the only one setting them is me
Caged by fate
but I'm the catalyst of my own destiny
Restrained by my mind
but I see what I wanna see
wish it'd just change,
but the only one who can change it is me
Aa Harvey Apr 2018
Kawehi : Part Six

There are no limitations inside your mind;
There are no limits to your potential.
I know you have found your calling; I think poetry is mine.
I think I could become a poet, but I could never be instrumental.

I need to write words because inspiration compels me.
I love to write words; be they about happiness or misery.
I need to speak of love, because I want it to be my destiny.
I love to speak of my love for Kawehi,
Because I love her music and I am in search of a woman called empathy.

If you can do it live, then your music will be alive!
It will exist wherever you play it and with you I am enthralled.

Bewitched by your spell, I am all done writing these rhymes,
Because your YouTube Mix is playing other people’s music now,
So I will continue to tell you I love you, another time…  
Au revoir to you all.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Connor Apr 2018
Join me in the present.
Stop looking down on me.
I am human too, regardless
Of my ****** orientation,
My race,
My religion or
My gender.

Come with me, to the present,
Where we are all equal.
To a place where we're all human regardless
Of our ****** orientation,
Our race,
Our religion or
Our gender.

Come to the Present.
Its 2018, come on! People are gay, people are black, people believe in different god(s) morals/values than you, and it doesn't matter what your gender is, whether you're cisgender, nonbinary, trans masculine, or whatever!
Nicole Shaw May 2017
It seems that while I play in this vast peculiar world filled to the brim with adventures I have found my peace.In this mystical world you create yourself with no limitations. You the people who travel with me help create my peace and serenity. The greatness of this all is I have made my friends. Friends who like me want to go on an adventure that has no limits to who or what you can be. While we all live in very different worlds we have united. The power of DND has brought us together. I have found unique people to play my favorite game with me. In these worlds you have the power to create your destiny. Destiny will be found eventually...
Dedicated to the party playing with me.
Tony Scallo Dec 2014
This, is a journal strictly for an open mind. One that's willing to explore the wonders hidden within the ambiguity of reading or writing.  It is for a mind willing to take on thinking about the obscure mysteries of life. The ones that remain taboo to others.

This, is a journal where limits don't exist.  Where worries of others opinions fade into non-existence, for you are in your own matrix right now.

This, is a white canvas waiting to be filled in with the strokes of your brush. A blank slate waiting, eagerly, to be filled in with your naked, non-societial conforming thoughts.
I have this written at the beginning of my journal. I feel this should be at the beginning of everyones journal so they know there should be no limits to their writing.
JMo Sep 2014
My heart sings its own song,
Its own rhythm always comes and will never fade,
Life is a different song for everyone,
Opening the new blessings of God daily makes me strong,

Life can bring me what it wants,
Scared... That is a joke to me -->
9 years ago a bus hit me,
Took me away into a coma for 3 weeks n' ya 4 days added to it,

Love is in me to make blessings flow,
God healed me-Jesus restored me-The Holy Spirit guides me,
Life is difficult for us all and Love is available to us all,
Seek Jesus and you know True Eternal Love,

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever! - Hebrews 13:8
Cynthia Apr 2014
We are more than we know, we are strong!
Like the ocean current pulling you
Slowly asking you to follow the sea
In deep waters where many have gone
unable to swim but learning to float

Your mind is on trial
Your limits are your death and survival
Don’t stop you are strong
Cross the ocean and you will find there are no limits
like a mind-your mind-to be found

Once you cross this expanding sea
You will know what awaits
Remember it’s just your own self-esteem
Making you weak.

Copyright© Cynthia Ulloa
All rights reserved.

— The End —