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GulRukh Jun 2019
Beautiful soul
I wanna bear it all

Pink lips, tan skin
Every second with you is sin

I want us naked
It's hard but we can make it

Our love can defy all the laws
I wanna see all of your flaws

I wanna touch the light coming out of it
Let's tangled our lights where it can fit
Slowly assassinating my soul
You are the best thing I've ever hold

Poison or cure
I'll sip it if you pour
Don't wanna run away ... not anymore
Monica Alvarez Jun 2018
Tonight let's get naked
And let our lips do the thing.
Time was limitless in my head
We can actually do anything.

Come on let's get naked
With the words we're trying to speak.
Who cares what has to be said?
We are stronger then we are weak.

Let me get on top of you
And tell you things I couldn't say.
If I tell you I'm in love with you
Would you tell me you feel the same?

The way our skin touches
And the way our bodies move,
Your answers leave me clueless,
Not wanting to tell me the truth.

Forever let's be naked
And tell each other things.
Enough with our little secrets.
Let's tell each other everything.
In between our kisses, lies most of our secrets.

— The End —