Jaycee Jan 3

it's all over
you told me the truth,
you said the words
that i think i always knew.
it's all over with you.

you never wanted me,
you wanted her.
it's all over.
Jaycee Dec 2017

I want to hold on to you,
even if it burns me.
I want to be next to you,
despite how you've hurt me.

I hate not talking to you.
Jaycee Dec 2017

With you I feel complete,
Like any awkward pieces
that I thought didn't fit
found all the right spaces.

Jaycee Dec 2017

I would give you all my warmth if I could.
Like an ice sickle, I'd crack from being cold
and shatter on the cold, hard ground
if it meant you'd stay warm.

I hate that I can't warm you up. You don't deserve to be cold.
Jaycee Dec 2017

I'd rather be cold with him, than be cold with someone else.

Jaycee Dec 2017

You make me smile
by doing the smallest things.
You make me feel happy
when I'm becoming upset or angry.
You make me forget those things
that made me so upset.
I'm sorry I can't stop staring at you
but it's your fault my heart's not taking a rest.

Jaycee Dec 2017

Thinking and dreaming
of our future together
warms my heart.

I’m always on your side.
Jaycee Nov 2017

I think you’re amazing,
the things you do
the way you say things,
how entertained you become
when you’re fighting cassowaries.
You make me want to be better,
you teach me things, even through letters.
I’m so proud to be the person next to you.

Jaycee Nov 2017

You’ve shown me the truth
behind every love story I’ve read.
You’ve made with me, an intense love
that could never be said.

Jaycee Nov 2017

I want to make love with you.
These feelings, I know you have them too.
The ones that crave me being back on top of you.

I want to be that close to you again.
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