You say those words
and my heart swells up.
I lay here smiling like a buffoon,
and can't help but wonder
if you're smiling too?

I hope you smile knowing I'm a fool for you

I want to kiss you
at the end of each night
and the beginning of every day,
I wanna be there so you can see
me smiling at the things you say.

I want to be there, acting ridiculous.
Awkwardly laughing as I realize I'm being recorded. I want to be there again, waking you up to be embarrassed with that terrible video... I want to be there... next to you.

I smile over the thought
of just doing your laundry.

I miss you.

Sometimes I leave my computer on
when I'm trying to fall asleep at night...
it used to bother me greatly,
but now it just reminds me of when you were here.


Laying here in my bed,
which lays in my sweltering room.
Laying here moody,
until I start thinking about you.

My room is so hot I'm going to die.

She lays there under her blankets...
and tries so hard to sleep.
But each time her phone lights up the room,
she feels how her heart leaps.

It yearns for him; his presence,
just a glimpse of his hand holding hers.
She just wants to hear his laugh again
and feel every word.

I miss you.

Do you ever have one of those smiles...
you know, the kind only someone special can cause.
The kind where your heart doesn't exactly drop,
but it's a similar feeling just way slowed down.
Maybe this sensation I'm trying to describe is called melt?
That kind of smile.
Where your heart just melts as the corners of your lips turn up and create the opposite of a frown.
That kind of smile where you receive chills,
not necessarily anywhere special
just scattered chills that make the whole thing feel even better.
A smile that you're excited to show,
a truly amazing smile.

I can't sleep and wanted to write about something so I started thinking about the other day, when I was on the phone with my favorite person and all I could do was smile throughout the whole call and so I thought I'd try to describe how it felt to smile so much and this is what I came up with. Excuse my huge run on sentence in here...

I play one more game before deciding to logout.
I lay in my bed with a book and tune out.
After finding a good place to stop,
I roll over to my back and see your letters from the corner of my eye.
I can't help but look over and read
"for my homeboy"

Just thinking before I fall asleep, about who means the most to me.

I always feel the most content
when I'm sitting or talking with you.

I'm so happy with you.

In my dreams
we're surrounded
at the bottom of the ocean
by a school of fish.
We're holding hands
and embracing all of it.
The light barley shining through
as the current indecisively moves,
The ocean may be deep
and sometimes spooky
but at least I'm swimming through it
with you.

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