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journal pages have no desire to debate,
so we relate
& resonate.
i contemplate before i seal,
i get to 'feel out' how i feel
& set the vibes
that bring reality alive.
so, like i think before i speak,
i write.
"see that's your problem,
you don't know of who your god is.
although, i've seen you with my own eye
face demons & conquer them while blind;
while sacred energies turn you inside-out,
as curses fall from words of mouth
by who claimed worthy of your grace & your submission.
ive seen you pose as weakest link,
then switch position.
see, there’s no problem now,
i realize who god is."
journals n' **** series - journal entry 7
as masculine energy rises,
counter-parts are threatened
& then the wheel of the ego
is clenched tight;
because how dare you act within your nature of whole,
you feminine,
all divine,
all being?
who gave you ***** to bounce folk up out of your space
as if they don’t align?
who gave you lines?
who gave you ability to set standards?
better yet,
who gave you feet to stand firm in your truth?
to be stand-offish?
or at a stand-still.
"control your yang,
tame your beast."
said those whom fed the same beast when it served them most.
hope is becoming unreasonable,
or atleast the way it is perceived.
like using hope as a crutch to stay wading in the waters
while tuned in to outside sources
then asking “what do i do?”...
it is only you who can respond with accuracy to self-query.
align hope with imagination
& pretend play.
use the energy to guide you like a sensei.
wei wu wei til source say go,
then level-up,
still take it slow
still stay aware of total-body,
you are here.
journals n' **** series - journal entry 4
i am here
& i am plugged into the aether,
get it?
just let your pride & your ego be your teacher.
there are no lies
& there lies no interest in staging moon-landings so
there is no way to erase my foot-print from surface of potential being,
i am being.
i am here.
can you hear me?
living energy,
beware if you get near me.
just stay clear me.
are we living?
are we jivving?
are we giving?
are we so afraid of light that we wear sunscreen
to keep out energy from source with source info & light codes
to keep you vibin’…
i keep attracting light beings now we tribed up & we thriving.
what do you bring to the table? & if you can,
are you able to make this short & sweet
as time is money
& money looking scarce these days.
not being funny get your coins up tho.
this raw material.
journals n' **** series - journal entry 3
just yesterday i saw myself as shadow,
like i thought id never see up close;
too busy running from ghost
like spirit guides ain't qualified enough to lead me nowhere.
like to realize that i am nothing
& to nothing i must return
was washed clean from every story ever written…
are you asleep?
3 hours of rest is like reset these days.
as i arise i watch the blessings pervade my space
& lift my chin to keep my head high
& way above the thought of what to do.
what do i do with my hands or my heart?
what do i do with these emotional cycles of digging deep,
in search of truth that show me love
& show me why my feelings take me
into deep, dark acts of energy exchange.
journals n' shirt series - journal entry 2
say something
or say nothing;
all the same.
words can come hard & heavy
or soft & sweet,
words can step on your toes
or bow at your feet.
even with distorted systems
& rearranged principles,
beyond separate labels & letters,
beyond theories unstable
& unable to connect
well, only source can connect.
see pass the words
& see through the intention.
your tongue has potential to create,
it is your core whom decides.
journals n' **** series - journal entry 6
when vision forms genuine,
pointed fingers become magick wands.
knots within backs
& stiff joints show up to be new levels that advise you
to stretch out to new growth.
trap music became sacred space.
like sounds of potential world endings,
like thunderstorms speak in ancient language,
how far have we strayed?
how much farther might we go?
in this age,
platforms with distraction as incentive
aid in focus & ascension,
how is that for a plot twist?
the tables turned;
now the mesh at the neck of the sun one
is melting just like ice in frozen habitat.
as we evolve in specie,
the dark is rising.
journal n' **** series - journal entry 5
in my defense,
im rugged-hard,
my counting scars lasts light years
& my fears are made up like words are.
my reality is reflected by the state of my mind,
in this space within time,
im shifting worlds & paradigms because its the life i choose.
we all get choices;
to be free or not to be.
we all get choices;
to hear voices that live within the head-space
that guide you to a place of no ending.
sometimes tears are hard to find like clean air & clean water was,
before earth restored itself to golden age.
when rage & aggression falls as peers whom pressure you to use sacred energy as moonshine to heal self-inflicted wounds.
"be gentle with them for they are you."
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