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Lash Oct 6
i cant say that im ready to call it quits
or return to non-exist
but i am so tired of barely keeping it together.
i want to escape but where?
im seeing things unclear,
my only space of comfort is no longer here.
as i attempt to live present in each moment,
im trying to stay open;
holding onto all that's left
still wishing and still hoping
that all things will come together by the good that is in me.
my life is far beyond my understanding and
im having visions of living in a space that associates in no way,
shape or form with what stands before me...
this cannot be all that there is to my story;
so what is my purpose?
is it deeper than surface?
im asking ,
how do i disconnect from the madness
and cultivate the magic?
how do i save myself and save the world,
to them im just a little girl with dreams of change and all things strange...
Lash Sep 29
as things start to fall
and things start to fade.
its out with the old,
as a new light invades.
what seemed like tragedy
proved itself to be clarity.
insanity brought the most rare form of sanity
and im watching nations crumble,
fumble and fear.
as light beings start to appear and prepare for the shifting of poles
the switching of roles...
Lash Sep 20
moon-light monster seeking out the dark,
channeling destruction leaving nothing,
not a mark.
searching for parts and pieces or paths where peace is.
Lash Sep 14
your access to the presence of the gods has been denied.
your weapons cannot prosper,
they may form,
i know you've tried.
Lash Sep 14
hit the vape,
now im in space.
im having urges to escape
and there are new feels
in place of the old.
there's no trace of my role as hero,
my highest ground is zero.
ive rested and still
i went from writing ten pages
to none,
im trying to run
but the forces wont let me,
they guide and protect me.
they'll make you respect me if you dare to disrepect me..
Lash Sep 14
dead bodies everywhere,
just like they were before.
focal points are focused on connection and a poor
state of existence,
know nothing of existing
in a space beyond this place
filled with disgrace
and the misplaced.
Lash Sep 10
to stay here in this moment
or fast-forward a million light years ...
into the age
where whats small is praised and glorified;
everyone has crooked smiles
and there are miles and miles of peace and purity;
everything is in black and white but color is all we see..
idk if its just me but i want to explore...
i want to know more.
Lash Sep 9
im losing my mind..
its violent
but for some reason when i look close enough i see a glimpse of what i once considered
its strange.
all of the new beginnings i begged for; on bended knees with so much hope and surety, are so close in reach but so far from logic...
Lash Sep 8
this physical life re-created by men
of deception,
fueling false perceptions
and misconceptions
isn't everything..
isnt anything...
Lash Sep 8
what will you do without social connections
or material possessions?
without the food source
and food stores that cater to convenience but **** you slowly..
when will you realize your thoughts and habits,
they wreak havoc…
systems are falling,
what is strong will survive.
judgement is here and
no one man alive will escape her,
you’re in face of the mother of the nature of the earth.
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