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Kitten Yvad Nov 2020
there is a thin sheet
Of ice well it just makes
your pretty eyes glisten


no less molten for it
rumbling listen baby listen
magenta lipstick with
opalescent blue shifts

cashmere in the amniotic dark

all the warm soft brown
in the world couldn't
blot out that cold sparkle hue
that magenta november pretty
glisten in you
Alice Dec 2019
Learn patience
Like it's your first steps.

Learn to be patient with yourself.
Learn to be patient with others.
Learn to be patient with your environment.

You are

Do so patiently.
Just need to hear this myself really
Julia Celine Mar 2019
Speak to me kindly
Both you and I
Are but floating specks of ignorance
Making sense of the wind
Deep down, we are all the same, be kind and grow
Invocation Jan 2019
I keep sending messages to girls that I wouldn't want to read if it were me
Or maybe I'm talking down about myself for no reason and the ladies love it when I tell them how pretty they are
It's not I expect to get laid with kindness
I just gush about **** I like
Sue me, I'm a nerd for those curves
I wouldn't mind some cozy *** though
Crystal Freda Nov 2018
There is someone in need of a smile.
Someone who hasn't in a while.

Someone needs your hopeful cheer
to help them through all their fear.

Someone needs to hear your voice
before they make the wrong choice.

Someone needs your warm embrace
to stop the tears on their sombre face.

There is someone in distress somewhere
who doesn't have someone to care.

People need someone like you,
you have no idea what you can do.
Husna Khellah Mar 2018
A thing which you must have
A thing which you can have for $0
But, to have it,
You must have lots of benign words
to all
And, put away all malice words
A Tongue of Flowers
Charge yourself with all the philanthropy
Never wait someone to have it first
YOU take it first and use it with all
No exceptions
Because if you never did
No one will
This talks about being kind to all people around you even if they aren't kind with you. Being kind to people is very simple; it can be by a word only. Can you imagine! This poem also tells: don't wait for people to be kind and loving so you can be kind. Instead, you start it; because if you didn't start it, people will stay being unkind to each other and you'll be the same; as a result, kindness won't be there.
Nicholas Fonte Mar 2018
Lend me your tear
For there is nothing to fear
Leave it on the shelf
Never doubt yourself
I shall lend you my brave
To you who can save
Now, use that mind
Lend them your kind
Love: The wife of Loyalty, the mother of Kindness, and the older sister of Truth.  Love is a humanitarian and a healer.  Love is ***** by Hatred.

Loyalty: The husband of Love and the father of Kindness.  Loyalty is a soldier and a warrior.  He gets revenge on Hatred for ****** Love.

Kindness: The daughter of Love and Loyalty.  She is the niece of Truth.

Hatred: The father of Anger and Cruelty.  Hatred has an affair with Lust.  She becomes pregnant and gives birth to Anger.  He also has a fling with Envy.  She becomes pregnant and gives birth to Cruelty.  Hatred rapes Love.  Hatred is a terrorist, an assassin, and a cold calculated killer.

Lust: The wife of Greed and the mother of Anger.  Lust is a **** and a *******.  Her husband Greed is her ****.  Lust has an affair with Hatred and becomes pregnant.  She gives birth to Anger.  Lust and Envy are best friends.

Greed: The husband of Lust, the older brother of Envy, and the stepfather of Anger.  Greed is Lust's ****.  Greed is a ****, corrupt politician, gangster, and a ***** businessman.

Tranquility: The name of the country where the virtues live.

Glory: The name of the capital city in the country Tranquility.

Pride: The elected commander who rules over all the sins.

Darkness: The name of the country where the sins live.

Wisdom: The oldest brother of Knowledge and Understanding.  Wisdom is the elected commander who rules over all the virtues.

Limbo: A country that's in the middle of the two countries Darkness and Tranquility.  Darkness is to the west of Limbo and Tranquility is to the east of Limbo.  The country Limbo has a river of blood running down the middle of it.  There is a civil war taking place in the country Limbo.

Hope: The daughter of Truth and Faith.

Truth: The husband of Faith, the father of Hope, and the younger brother of Love.  Truth is a soldier and a warrior. He gets revenge on Hatred for ****** Love.

Faith: The wife of Truth and the mother of Hope.

Cruelty: The daughter of Envy and Hatred.  She is the half sister of

Anger: The son of Lust and Hatred, the stepson of Greed, and the half brother of Cruelty.  Anger is best friends with Ignorance.

Understanding: The brother of Wisdom and Knowledge.  Understanding is a teacher.  He and Mercy have a romantic interest in each other.

Knowledge: The youngest brother of Wisdom and Understanding.

Sloth: The wife of Gluttony and the mother of Ignorance.

Gluttony: The husband of Sloth and the father of Ignorance.  Gluttony is a chef.

Ignorance: The son of Gluttony and Sloth.  Ignorance is best friends with Anger.

written by Keith Edward Baucum
Troy Jul 2017
The heart aches
For the love it craves
Holding fast to the dream
Of one day feeling it's embrace

Hold fast to the passion
The cravings and kindness
The hearts a curious thing
For those who want to listen

Hide in the shadows
It does no good
When the heart wants
There is no running

Embrace the passion
Embrace the love
For if you do
Compassion will be yours
Denel Kessler Apr 2016
The world wakes gently today
humankind taking welcome pause
from inconsiderate rushing
unfamiliar faces become fellows
on this travel day we share
a young brother and sister
and their sweetly doting
hijab-draped mother
her smile, the rising sun
sit down across from us
kids munching chips
before an early a.m. flight
the brother got the last bag
of Doritos, his older sister settled
for the sour cream and onion
she attempts to negotiate
a chip for chip exchange
little brother politely refuses
but after seeing her disappointment
grins and hands over the whole bag

the same mother and children
leave the empty waiting area
return to find it brimming
a young father and son
settled, bag-laden, it would clearly
be an inconvenience to move
yet he respectfully stands
and offers their seats
his gesture, a prayer
the young mother
flustered, blushing refuses
profusely thanking him
as she pushes the stroller
toddlers trailing behind
to a less crowded space
our eyes lock, we smile
and I know we're thinking
the same thought
the world wakes gently today
*and it feels good
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