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K Balachandran Jun 2018
sky, benign cry
for life,that roots ever for,
interstellar sprouts!
Husna Khellah Mar 2018
A thing which you must have
A thing which you can have for $0
But, to have it,
You must have lots of benign words
to all
And, put away all malice words
A Tongue of Flowers
Charge yourself with all the philanthropy
Never wait someone to have it first
YOU take it first and use it with all
No exceptions
Because if you never did
No one will
This talks about being kind to all people around you even if they aren't kind with you. Being kind to people is very simple; it can be by a word only. Can you imagine! This poem also tells: don't wait for people to be kind and loving so you can be kind. Instead, you start it; because if you didn't start it, people will stay being unkind to each other and you'll be the same; as a result, kindness won't be there.
Äŧül Oct 2016
Tinnitus* is here since the first time,
The first time you had ditched me...
Oh yeah it had gotten okay temporarily,
Because you patched up momentarily.
Now I have an even stronger Vertigo,
Ever after I am of some knowledge..
How did you put up such a good act,
Why did you double cross me?
He confirmed what your mom told me,
That he had come down to your town..
Before I did, much before you knew me,
Even earlier than you stepped in my life...

I don't want to know who you cheated,
He might as well feel double-crossed.

You're right, that's your personal issue,
I am nobody to make comments on it.

Now I suspect that I have a Neuroma,
They dub it as
Acoustic Neuroma.

You may ask me simply,
"What sense is that self-diagnosis?"

Well I just observed the symptoms,
A persistent headache,

The confirmatory test will be held soon,
It is not often always a malignancy,
And I will just hope for the best.

I really hope that it is not cancerous,
For that would bankrupt the family,
Cancer - that too a brain tumour...

As if I had gulped down barrels of wine,
Vertigo is as though I'm inebriated,
It is seriously very irritating.

Irritating me for long is this tinnitus,
Now vertigo has just added to them,
My miserable mysterious miseries.

But don't you worry and keep playing,
You're an excellent playgirl,
There're so many boys as toys for you.
I have shown symptoms of auditory neuroma and I will be going for a costly diagnostic test.

You need not worry about that at all,
Because this suspected auditory neuroma,
Will probably not be cancerous.

So the bad news is that I will probably survive once again.

HP Poem #1200
©Atul Kaushal
Vierra Aug 2016
I sit here quietly enraged same like the calm front that has hit on the western range of my property. I am a story teller who has no stories and a ear filled with melody for the summer rains. The greens will need trimming and sculpting soon. The pigeons will arrive to the corners of the property to breed and propagate the flock. Sometimes it's full of **** and sometimes it's not. Mostly after the squall procedes over from the lake is the promanant time of the winter cleaning over that portion of the foothills.

Now here where I live, in the adequate and humble living quarters of mine, there is voices that travel on wind breezes that wander through my jealousies. They bring the news like airmail every so often. But mostly news of bills collectors spinning in their office chairs furiously at the amount of **** that is nessecary for this part time profession.

Sometimes during the night my eyes go bad and I often wonder when they will get suitable for work again. I've been slacking a bit on the work and more on the suitability of my mind for processes like building a fireplace. You know, the theory of it all.

Just a small prose of a even smaller man.
eleanor prince Jul 2016
two men sat fishing
by a village stream
one short
one tall...

Short Man:
I think he's wrong
to chat to kids
leave them alone
there is no need

Tall Man:
What have you there
your venal mind
has lost the plot
there is no deed

Short Man:
No man has kids
who like him so
it must be bad
let's cast our vote

Tall Man:
No issue here
we're always there
he's not alone
I'll have you note

Short Man:
They tell him stuff
we never hear
why don't they talk
to us instead

Tall Man:
You're busy mate
you shut them up
and all you do
is keep them fed

Short Man:
It's just not done
the kids all flock
they see a saint
could be a threat

Tall Man:
The Lord himself
had kids mill 'round
for he was good
no need to fret

Short Man:
It's true I s'pose
that's different though
a Son of God
can do it right

Tall Man:
So all of us
imperfect souls
can only lose
the moral fight?

Short Man:
Of course it's not
as clear as that
just can't abide
if kids get hurt

Tall Man:
Well that's okay
but blacken not
a decent man
by throwing dirt

Short Man:
I'll flog him to
an inch of life
if we would hear
he's crossed the line

Tall Man:
You know I loathe
all deviant ways
be careful though
for he's benign

Short Man:
I hear you man
my thoughts run wild
we mustn't see
it black and white

Tall Man:
Imagine if
he's told this sh-t
to slander hear
how would that bite

Short Man:
You have a point
not all are bad
some have more time
than most townsfolk

Tall Man:
I've heard he steers
them to the good
he's simply not
a usual bloke

Short Man:
You're right my friend
you've pulled me up
an honest man
we should defend
you may enjoy seeing the pic I selected from Flickr for this:
Sally A Bayan Mar 2016

.....all my cysts
  ................of brokenness
..............................i'm glad,
             ........................................they're all benign...


Copyright February 14, 2016
Rosalia Rosario A. Bayan
S R Mats Mar 2015
Are words harmless?  Can they ever be benign?
Between you and I?-

And, how many times has the Soul mated and re-mated?
Tearing, scarring, and numbing the connection.

Is that how and why, we keep this distance?
Or, Love, is it fear of perfection?

— The End —