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When crypto fans approach us
And say “We’re on the same team”
Invite them to grasp our vision
And see if they share our dream

Say, “Great, now you’re joining us to…

Adopt seizure resistant money?
Boost personal power and accountability?
Separate money from state control and abuse?
Restore proper capital allocation through hard money?
Forsake the fiat fraud and cancel the Cantillon privilege?
Allow people to simply save and store value through time?
Cultivate new freedom for billions of people under tyranny?
Abolish the theft of our time and wealth through debasement?
Increase long-term work and vision in all areas due to stable money?
Abandon foolish agendas and wars made possible only by printing money for free?”

Then they can humbly join us
Bitcoin’s purpose in their mind
Or see they are “not on our team”
And sadly - get left behind
You can see this poem on a background here -
Sam Anthony Jun 2017
I recently learned about
A Frenchman called Firmin Didot
Who invented the idea of replica parts
To speed up the accurate printing of newspapers
Its name entered the dictionary in 1850
14 years after Didot’s death
His name is now a webfont

I subsequently learned about
An American called Walter Lipmann
Who used Didot’s invention’s name
In criticism of the mass-printed newspapers
For influencing readers’ perceptions of reality
86 years after Didot’s death
The name of his invention:
The Stereotype

— The End —