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Cana Feb 2018
Everytime I hit the front page
I am saddened by the tortured souls
Who populate its halls

I will not write sad poetry
I will endeavor to brighten these corridors
Feel free to join me.
Seriously though. It’s depressing people.
Lyn-Purcell Jan 2018
Friendship is a harmonious
bond between multiple
Friendship is a song people listen and dance too but tend to miss the message...
Nylee Nov 2017
Torn pages never       return quite the same
their distortion          by the lines
each word       up and down
even when joint       they don't join
they need just one push         to be torn again
the temporary glue can't     hold them long.
pookie Jan 2017
The feel of skin on skin,
The feeling of clothes being pulled torn off,
The push of her hands to make me move,
The feel of her hands trailing over my body,
The tingle the leave,
The feel of luxurious lips kissing my skin,
The final push the gasp of pleasure,
The joining of two hearts and soul,
The glorious Ecstasy.

Have me i'm yours.
Take me i'm yours.
Own my i'm yours.

I'm Yours.
Devin Ortiz Dec 2016
If you can't beat them, join them.
That system that beats you down
Pick a side, have a good ride
Finish it to the end.

Hasn't worked out too well.
What to do? What to do?

If you can't beat them, become them.
That power of the opressor
Use it, abuse it, live large
Crack that whip.

Hasn't worked out to well.
What to do? What to do?

If you can't beat them, change them.
Sweet knowledge and empathy
Change a heart, make a friend
Seek out humanity.

Hasn't worked out to well.
What to do? What to do?
Trevon Haywood Dec 2015
Join me again for the young and the restless.
So, you don't get anxious for the past couple of years.
In your lifetime.

Anonymous. 12/25/2015.
Samuel Hesed Dec 2015
I am waiting for a train.
To take me home or to my doom.
A fifty-fifty chance is all I have.

I have time to dance.
I have time to sing.

What should do while I wait?
Should I run to be first in line?
Or should I stand and wait for my fifty-fifty fate?
Copyright © 2015 Paul Forbes All Rights Reserved
Nikita Nov 2015
Tell me
Would you mind if  I slipped away for a while?
Would you be okay with my head forever lost in the clouds?

I don't want to leave you
I just want to leave this place

So if you want
you  can  join  me  in  my  *escape
Arcassin B Aug 2015

Hey guys , if ANYONE would to collaborate with me just KIK me @ abpoet18
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Join me :)
GGRamone May 2015
I'm the anarchist judging all those hypocrites
You're the hypocrite judging all those anarchists
There is a thin line between guys like you and I
We share a...Similar scene, though
Filled with...Sin-ful Misfits.
Clean cut suits, or ripped jeans
Baby, it doesn't matter to me...
No time to flatter, its time for the crime
Of justifiable homicide.
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