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Lil Sunflower Nov 2018
You say that I’m your one and only but you don’t prove it. You say that you love me but you didn’t really. You say that we will last for a long time but that’s not gonna happen. You say that you wanna kiss but every time we try you chicken out. You say I can have your jacket but you act like it’s the only thing you have in life. You say that you wanna hug but you hugs feel awkward and stiff. You say you wanna be my boyfriend but do you really?
Micah Gerdes Nov 2018
It is cold outside
And warm in here. There is mist
On the window. Can’t see.
Dillon Driskill Nov 2018
Is not your most common sight
But the most unusual delight

Some poetry
Comes and goes
In neat little rows

Others yet
Scramble it's

Some poems
Aren't what they seem
Others say exactly what they mean

Some poets
Are archaeologists
Digging for the remnant of a long lost being

Some poets
Are photographers
Taking in what is seen

Not all poems
Have rhythm
And flow

But all poems
Are in their boats
Sent here by their authors
To run the ships
And tend to the goats
And be what they be
And do what they do
Poetry is whatever it is to you
Not my best work, I feel. A friend of mine said he didn't like poetry, or poets, that they're all arrogant and pretentious, little does he know. I made this to show what poetry is and isn't, and how it's both. It really is whatever you want it to be, and it by far is not one exact thing, and cant ever be wrong.
Jack L Martin Sep 2018
Head south on W Doubt Drive
0.2 mi

Turn right onto N Confused Court
0.8 mi

Slight left to stay on N Frustrated Fairway
1.0 mi

Turn right onto W ******* Rd
0.2 mi

Turn left onto N Hell Hwy
0.5 mi

Turn right onto W Anger Ave
0.2 mi

Turn left onto N Pain Place
1.6 mi

Turn right onto W Suffering St
0.2 mi

Turn left onto N Regret Road
1.1 mi

Turn right onto W Depression Drive
0.2 mi

Turn left onto N 68th St

N 68th St turns slightly left and becomes S Agony Ave
0.4 mi

Continue onto E Therapy Terrace

Slight right to stay on Self Forgiveness Blvd
0.4 mi

Turn right onto E Understanding Way
2.2 mi

Turn left onto Acceptance Alley
0.5 mi

Continue onto Lovers Lane
0.3 mi

Lovers Lane turns slightly right and becomes Peace Place
99,000,000 mi

You have arrived at your destination.
To get to heaven, you must first go through Hell!
Simple Sep 2018
- 5
I live in my head
behind close doors
where I talk to my
wont leave till im dead
Umi Aug 2018
It won't stop,
It can't stop, the fire that is rushing through it,
Burning it's content until nothing but ash might be left,
An inferno, a firestorm maybe a rain of embers fueling the misery,
When did it start, that conflagration which consumes my being,
When will it end, this purgatory inside my chest, producing misery,
Without realising it I already gave up all my remaining hope,
After all, there is not much left this fire can feast on in laughter,
Will I be hollow, will I fade to ash and blown away into a soft breze ?
In the end it does  not matter, in the end I will not be able to remember, in the end there is nothing for me left to worry about,
My central has been turned into a kiln, fostering this flame,
It may sting, but I can move on, even if I sink to the bottom,
The light in me will finally be able to carry me out one day
All I need to do for that event to be triggered,
Is to hold on,
And hope.

~ Umi

[M i d w a y - H i m e]
Elizabeth Zenk Jul 2018
A candle dripping wax
that overflows my mind
boiling away at the fabricated
simplicity that controls us
Almost every word we hear
is filtered through the barriers
of language, society,
and standards.
Paul Jones Nov 2017
thinking is
thinking is not
thinking is not what
think it is
you think it is
but it is not
what is it not
but what are
if you are not

you've been thinking

but if
asked a thought
am i
it would reply

i'm just passing through
Logos - 1 -
11:00 - 26/11/17

This is experimental but I'm working on a new structural form. It is not free verse and will have rules. It will be playful and rhythmic.  

This explore's 'thinking' but I will have to see if it works with other concepts. It seems like abstract words work well.
exist Nov 2017
the thing about me
is i will push you out the door
slam it
yet look back
and hope you open it again
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