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Maria Mitea Dec 2020
bodies - fisher nests
- let the cutch go
Involuntary letting go!
Amanda Kay Burke Apr 2020
I wrestle restless rotations
Regretful movements misdirected
Sound of my sighs disturb your deep slumber
Sun rises as self-respect is rejected

Involuntary thoughts caught on mental hooks
As the dark room my motions shake
Sky outside isn't quite white yet
My mind is alive and awake
About having insomnia
Those involuntary thoughts of hurting yourself,
to cut yourself,
to tear your body to pieces.
To cry without restraint.
To scream so hard your voice breaks.
To break into chunks of fat and mold,
colliding onto the floor.
To dissolve in the ocean,
To self-combust;
To be born again and whole.
ffff, on my way there. grabbing some eggs and milk from the store. why did you want milk again? you know we never end up using it.
-October 8, 2018
K Balachandran Jul 2018
Lizard’s tail twitch,twist
Poor bug’s wings reciprocate;
The deal is done quick!
Gabriel burnS Jul 2017
Distress calls are a Venus flytrap
Don’t come flying to the rescue
Or your wings will be
Its 4 o’clock snack
Can’t seem to shut its flap
Ever hungry for more
Always empty at the core
Traveler beware;
Heed not that mayday;
Move on and pay no care!
Zero Nine Jun 2017
It's not enough
that I'm the one
player trying
I know
my worth
It's no less
than what I deserve
A secret,
It's one thing to play
confidence proficient
It's another to be confident
The heart that I invite
others to carve is closed,
demolition on hold,
but you've
got your
hold on me
I'm looking for a bold soul
to smooth over the hole
appreciate the bold in me
Active love is involuntary.
So be involuntary.  
It's not enough
that I'm the one
player trying
I know
my worth
It's no less
than what I deserve
That's the bitter truth,
that I reach for you
while you never see
Neex Jun 2016
I care,
I do,
I wish I didn't.

It's like you,
You've been dissolved,
Into my skin,
It's an involuntary friendship,
I just can't get rid of you.

Mind you,
This is simply a friendship,
One that tears me down every time,
Yet I want more,
I wish I didn't.

You're sightless,
Even when I scream,
You're ignorant,
I know this,
Yet I care so much,
I don't want to get rid of you,
I just can't get rid of you.

I care,
I do,
Too much,
Seemingly too little.

I care,
I do,
I wish I didn't.
Everything is everywhere right now, I'm working of putting things in the right place but this just won't stay.
L Marie Apr 2015
Do you know what it feels like to go mad
And to know there's no way you can stop it?
For those thoughts, they race to no finish line;
You can't convince yourself it's make believe
Because it's the only reality
Your shattered mind can still some what process.

There's that-but no, this-but then-no-shut up!
My hands begin to quiver, fingers pressed
Against my temple; they slide down my cheeks,
Cold, lifeless almost, if they weren't moving
Involuntarily, out of control
Like my thoughts of utmost insanity.

How do I know I'm insane then? Because
Of the looks I get, the judgement is blunt
And I was taught better one time ago
When my brain understood some more logic.
I'm going mad, sharp breaths, desperate thoughts
I want to stop it but I just cannot.

This is what happens when mind scares the heart
And all that is left to do is escape.

— The End —