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Neex Oct 2017
Our conversations used to make me smile,
Every word,
Every syllable,
Every sentence is cold,
*As ice.
I'm back...for a minute.
  Apr 2017 Neex
Have you ever had a love so wrong that its not?
What about a friend, so ugly that they're hot?
I won't deny it,
I don't feel this way a lot.
Maybe I'll make an exception...

I hate you're far away, but I don't wish you were here.
I want to hear your voice, but don't whisper in my ear.
I swore I wouldn't drink, but god I need a beer.
I think I'll make an exception...

Wish I was on your mind, but please don't think of me.
Want you around all the time, but please just leave me be.
My heart's been welded shut, but girl you have the key.
You might be my exception...
Be my exception
Neex Apr 2017
Well as it turns out,
You still live in my heart.

I begged you to move out,
Yet all you do is jump in,
Then out,
Then in.

You make me feel things,
They won't go away,
They hunt my eyes at night,
They scare me to tears.

In your presence,
I miss you.

I miss the sweet,
Sweet release you gave me.

I crave to hear more,
All the things you feel,
How do I make you feel?
This book is never going to end, is it? And I don't want it to. You give me something to feel.
Neex Apr 2017
I feel less deeply,
So I write not at all.

I am less connected,
*So I am at loss of words.
Neex Apr 2017
Ignorance- bliss,
Ignorance to reality- oblivion.

There is no joy;
Only sorrow,
in dishonesty.

There is no joy,
In popularity,
From problems,
*Real problems.
:) Been busy, this was written AGES ago guys. Just stopped by to say hello!
  Sep 2016 Neex
Gavin Barnard
Sometimes I wanted to tell you
That I didn't feel like talking
Just to focus on video games,
But I never did because I thought
I would immediately want you back.

Now that you're away for months,
No casual conversations for a while,
I have all the time I could ever want
But now I just want you back,
Proving my previous thoughts correct.

Despite always pausing in the middle of fights
That only ended up with my dude's death
Just to send you a forgotten message,
I wish you were back here with me
To annoy me and mess with me.

You're a lot like caffeine.
All the benefits of the common drug
With the side effects of addiction alone,
But I refuse to let you go
Because without you,
I'm empty, depressed, and demotivated.
Time apart with an addiction like "want" to that special person is healthy in a relationship, I believe. Without it, you'll grow bored of each other.
  Sep 2016 Neex
Gavin Barnard
I could see the pain in her eyes,
I could feel the pain in her heart.
I knew what was coming soon,
And now she's dead because
Of something I didn't do.

I knew what was happening to her,
Crumbling family relationships
And a bullied life in school,
And now she's gone because
Of something I didn't do.

She had no friends, not even teachers,
An outcast without a mouth or face,
With a black hood and notebook,
And now she's no longer here because
Of something I didn't do.

I knew she was depressed
Deeper than the Marina Trench,
Probably paranoid too,
And now she's six feet under because
I never showed her that someone cares.

I never told anybody what I saw,
What I watched, what I observed,
Nobody else cared about her.
I let her **** herself out of shyness,
I never told her that I care.
Speak up.
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