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Thera Lance Mar 17
I love you,
Her boyfriend used to say
Every time he missed her birthday by a day.
Those three little words accompanied with
Thanks for your forgiveness,
That she never really gave
Beneath her false smiles.

You are beautiful,
Belongs to her mother
Who dressed her up in frills that itched
And tied doll ribbons in her hair.

You are gorgeous,
Whispered her second husband
Only in bed and not
When she had morning breath and hair,
And needed to hear those words then.

I hate you,
Never slips past her painted lips
While shining so brightly in her eyes.
alyssa ann Sep 2018
from those ever so soft, delicate lips,
(and to mention,
quite kissable as well)
come the words that i long to hear.

the vibration from your "i love you" rings in my ear.
though i have every reason to believe you mean it,
they come across insincere and forced.
the butterflies stay still in my stomach
and my heart never quite flutters at the sound of them.
i am left to wonder
if these two-dimensional words you convey
will ever speak volumes to either of us.

this isn't what love is supposed to feel like.
i just want to feel something, i don't think that's asking for too much.
Kenley Mar 2018
Please take a seat
In the back of my head
Stop hijacking my thoughts
And wishing me dead

Hand over the reins
I'll take it from here
You will self destruct
And you're insincere

I look to the future
I welcome the new
You served no purpose
And I am stronger than you
Jason Drury Jan 2018
It is neither here,
or there.
Not behind this door,
or maybe this one, no.
Tis not high? Or low?
Oh, I’ve forgotten so.
One can be pleased,
as I have misplaced this.
My steps miss-traced,
something could be amiss.
Though, it is difficult,
to lose such a thing.
Its hands wrap around my neck,
as it clings.
I can’t hear it ring,
what sound will it bring?
When it finally comes back.
Oh, what happened to it,
I feel like a lout.
Where is my self-doubt?
Heather Sep 2017
Once for remorse
Twice for regret
Three times to forget
And never again
Journey of Days May 2017
you could be forgiven for thinking that I fell off a cliff

if that was an option I could have gone with it
           and actually I was hoping that was true
                    why do you choose to pop back into my life now
                             I thought you weren’t coming back

lovely to hear from you

choking back what you  really want to say with niceties hoping you don't sound as insincere as you feel.
Damian Murphy Mar 2017
Those who can clearly see and clearly hear
Who choose to turn a blind eye, a deaf ear
To all they do not wish to see or hear,
Are clearly shallow; clearly insincere.
Their own happiness is all they hold dear;
That they care not for others is quite clear.
Damian Murphy Feb 2017
All those who look but do not see,
Those who listen but do not hear,
Show such a lack of empathy
That those who truly care should fear.

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