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Youdont Needthis Jan 2017
Deep in wood’s twig embrace
She lies beneath the leaf tessellation
Her hollow skull and hollow chest are friends with the burning winds
She is hallowed in her sloping waist
With child

She is mother bony
Woman with skinless face
She is grinless
For her jaw was stolen in ages past
Yet she is blessed with child
Her middle is heavy with boundless boy

A boy fated
To be *******
To be lord of the shattered lands and even their scattered men
Destined to be crowned in fragments of skulls and silky fabric reds
He shall mate with fire
Be father of arson spawn
His face will be carved in Mammon’s silver toys

He will never be forgotten by any of history’s tedious scribes
Yet first he must be born

Now the winds are chanting
They push at her pudgy waist
They are chanting for the birth of the emperor ******* king
They desire the tyrant
They are the slaves of God
For they are catalysts that mold the shapes of futures’ lords
They will sing triumphant
When he is pushed through dusty hips
They will congratulate their oldest and most silent friend  

He is birthed with great force
The spit of cadaverous womb
Crying shrieks in the forest
No one living to clean him

By spirits’ force he is taught
To eat the last of mother’s skin
To grow to be the friend of the whispering burning winds

He shall grow into great beast
With strength to wield the lance
He will enter the kingdoms of men
Appearing as a wild God

While he is shaping his role
His mother will often laugh
Ever since he left her
Her body was never again the same
WistfulHope Jan 2015
Stupid, stupid girl.
You've always been the addict, huh?
Leave him be,
He doesn't even want you,
Doesn't need you.
You're so dependent on him.
You keep breaking your rules,
Not that you were ever very good at keeping them.

First you needed pictures, images -- to feel? --
Then words, delicate and *****.
Hell knows you've always needed pain
And more, ever since you found it could be harnessed.
Plus you've been struggling with fumes for years now.

He isn't a high.
He's a hangover.

When are you going to let go?
You need to let go.
Someone, make me let go of him, please.
I've always loved poison.
- - -
"You'd be the taste lingering on my lips.
It'd be my hands clinging to your hips.
I gotta get get get it out, gotta get me out.
Find the flaws, find the switch, just shut it down."
~ Addicted To Bad Decisions by Emery
WistfulHope Jan 2015
Once we spoke of a room,
A fairly small room,
We could both run to.

I don't quite know what
You sought out of me,
All I wanted was to call
Your arms my home.

But it's quarter past midnight,
And I'm in our room alone, again.

I'm betting that, out of me,
You never wanted more
Than pictures and some words.

You don't need me like I need you --
You never did.

Maybe it's time
I finally stop needing you too.
All you've ever wanted was an interactive fantasy, wasn't it?
- - -
I hate you for doing this to me, but you'll just say it's my fault for caring.
All I am is weakness.
- - -
Remember the one poem out of the hundreds I've written you that you actually asked for? I take it back, especially the lines about beck and call.
- - -
**** this ****, I need to forget for a while.
- - -
WistfulHope Dec 2014
He calls me
his *****'s quiet,
straight edge friend,
but he doesn't know
the dark things
I do when I'm alone
and screaming.
No one does, really.
... I wish I was sXe, but I'm too
addicted to the physical temptations
my demons have placed in my hands. ***
WistfulHope Dec 2014
I've cut up my knees

The tears always seem

Thinner when I bleed
I'm not okay.
And neither is she.
The difference?
She doesn't miss me.
WistfulHope Dec 2014
One of the saddest things is
We never got to fly together.
You were the one I could turn to,
When the one I usually turned to
Became unbearably intolerable,
But you never got to roll 'em
While I popped caps off.
So, I ******* hope you're happy,
Because you flew yourself into a tower,
And I'm flapping circles.
And it's funny, because
Everything you did was for everyone else
But me? I just hate myself.
- - -
Breathing ***** without you, but at least we're both numb.
WistfulHope Dec 2014
All I want this year is
Just a little bottle
Or a little jar
With a little something
To make me a lot forgetful
About you
Because I'm tired
Of memories
About you
Christmas or otherwise
Andrew, why?
WistfulHope Dec 2014
I want it to switch,
I want to startle you awake
so that you are greeted
by an empty darkness.
**** this,
I need to
Stop feeling.
WistfulHope Dec 2014
For a moment, I can close my eyes and my senses blur,
My thoughts lose specificity and fade into nothingness.

I'm not worthless or any of those things I shout at myself.

My nose, my mouth, my throat, and my brain tingle;
I am swirling with the fragrance and taste of more than yesterday.

Perhaps it won't last, but for now I'm alone in my basement,
And I've lost track of the thoughts that aren't okay with that.
Shh, I'm not thinking.
WistfulHope Nov 2014
I just want to get drunk
I just want to drive to his house
I just want to use him one more time
I just want to make really bad decisions
I just want to get so ******* high
I just want to forget
I just want to do something stupid again
and not care
I just want to take off all my clothes
I just want to jump in the river
off that rock covered in ashes
I just want to go under the water
and never come back up
I'm going to work my way down the list.

— The End —