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Jul 2020
Life is a delusion of meaning,
We seek direction without seeing.
Death is deceived as the end,
For none accept it is meant.
The people will forever live a lie,
We're not meant to live, but die.

Infinite possibilities of history,
But one day it won't be me.
Ineffable beauty we all desire,
Nefarious cruelty we all will acquire.

The only greatness we will find,
Is that destiny is very unkind.
Cupid is ****** and love's a lie,
Another arrow, and I will die.

Let me feel love again,
To leave this world in pain.
I'm not a poet anymore,
But maybe I never were.

The words here, I have said,
Are the memories I have bled.
Heal me, but never take my scars,
Feel me, for I'll be amongst the stars.
For death is darkness right?
In space, there is no ligh.
Forever, I'll float into the abyss,
And maybe find something to miss.
Death might not be the end, it might actually be what we're meant for. What if you wake up again and you're in space. A star, or a planet. There are so many possibilities that some of us will make history, but I won't. We expect too much and receive the opposite. Love kills more that it creates, yet we desire it. I only speak of experience, a lot of other people have different lives, but too many share the same as I. Losing it all again, and again, and again. We only learn that we are irrelevant and family is the only love
Written by
Armand-DeamoJC  18/M/South Aftica
(18/M/South Aftica)   
   Ms Anjaan
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