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Yan F Apr 2018
I love you deeply,
   as a nameless wave in the sea;

I love you strongly,
   with so much more than I can ever be;

I love you sweetly,
   like a random song in the night;

I love you increasingly,
   Every time we kiss or we fight;

I love you blindly,
   in the dark you are all I see;

I love you steadily,
   no matter how many times you push me;

I love you brightly,
   like a shattered mirror to the sun;

I love you gladly,
   though you were never really having fun;

I love you tirelessly,
   even if I run with all my might;

I love you truly,
   even though I was 'never really right';

I love you sincerely,
   amidst every single time you lie;

I love you endlessly,
   even these many years after goodbye;

I love you rhetorically,
   like no words could ever express;

I love you foolishly,
   and always I will love you nonetheless.
I love you baby,
And if it's quite alright;

I need you baby;
To warm my lonely night.
SassyJ Apr 2016
Booming Rhetorics  (Spoken Word- Freestyle-Dramatics)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
==Booming Rhetorics ==
Checkered Darks
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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Human nature itself is a smash of contractual responsibility. A splash of rights afloat as we sink in our psychological rooted moral panics. All I see is a cascading titanic of ventures our mislaid adventures one after another. The criss cross of chains, we bonded in tax measures, reserve treasures...... It's not my leisure I beg you don't make your pleasure.

I sink in pressure, resolving Karl Mark ideology of conflicted power. Is it our born nature or nurture to live in a world of social polarisation. A pole to pole, a tug of war. Each owning and holding a rope.Is it our task to cage in boxes, fencing notions of inequalities within our society. Is it our right this notion Bourgeoisie and Proletariat.

Help me out as as I wade in the swampy lowland. Treading through and through, head afloat, the submerging walk me to the shores..... Help me find my way through this dark tunnel. Help me see the light, let the sun ray ******* my blight.

In our dichotomy of democracy we have made it right. A rolling ball of ........
1. Stock them high sell them cheap is the order of the day.
2. Social warehousing of merging demand and supply chain.
3. A disintegration of socialist entrepreneurship.
4. Re-distribution of Export Production Zones in marginalised countries.
5. A surge of capitalism on this patch we call the universe.
6.Conortions of monopoly colluding sustainability.

I pass this ball to you. As the industrial revolution fades and debates of "STEEL" revolves.

My Speech is a mere consideration, our contradiction. The contractual complications that we have grounded and granted ourselves as humanity. My voice is an exchange, my gift, a cloud of thoughts, an arousing hope our haunting costs.
Mr Jonah was sent to Nineveh
He head out but took a detour
Now in the belly of the beast.

Mr Jonah cannot change things overnight
Says his town's men
Who will Carry or move anything
Without power?
Obviously no one, so we need power
They also said;
That's not possible overnight.

Our palm oil is dry
No groundnut oil to fry
Nobody is buying our powerful oil
Yet we have to sell before we boil
If we don't sell something
We will not eat anything.

Our children are misbehaving
Is this the future we are saving?
Will Mr Jonah build a place
Full of tutors?
Well,that's not possible overnight

Cows everywhere
Is there no one to check these cows?
Mr check cow is busy
Burning our farms and farmers
Mr Jonah cannot stop Mr check cow
Not overnight.

365 days make a year
How many years make an overnight?
The writer coughs;
6 years makes one night.

Wait o, is 6years overnight?

— The End —