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You went to the trouble of buying me a leash
Except my neck was already occupied by a rope
So you tried to use the rope as a leash
Marvelling at your ingenuity
Only to find you were dragging along my dead body
I suppose that dead is better than nothing
marvelling at your ingenuity
Mark Toney Apr 2021
sky is the limit
first historic flight on Mars
~ ingenuity

Mark Toney © 2021
04/19/2021 - Poetry form: Haiku - NASA's Mars helicopter Ingenuity successfully made the historic first controlled flight on another planet today, April 19, 2021, at 3:34 a.m. ET. - Mark Toney © 2021
Grey May 2020
Only the ingenuity of true poets
could describe the indescribable.
Ivan Brooks Sr Jan 2018
Some poems are like classic cars
They're old, bestsellers and great
Very famous and heavyweight,
Their legendary tales told at the bars.

Some poems are like Lamborghini
Fast, loud and stir up different emotions
They are magical and perform like Houdini
Taking us beyond our wildest imaginations.

Some poems are like a Ferrari
Fast, loud, costly and mindblowing
Some went through fine tuning
Ready for the adventurous desert safari.

Some poems are a Mercedes SLK
Fast,affordable,famous,people's favorite
Upon sight, people just stand around and talk
Every time we see them we celebrate.

Some poems are simple and great
Some are so good and impossible to rate.
Some will keep you woke
Brilliant and so off the hook!

Some poems are so romantic
Appealing to one's fantasy
Some are just so demonic
Embellished with total heresy.

Some poems are like a Rollsroyce
They intrigue us
Classic, historic, famous
They embody royalty, very luxurious.

Some poems are like a Bugatti Veyron
very costly, fast, collectible
Loved by kings and Barons
Making our speed appetites insatiable.

Some poems are Mustangs
Muscles, deep, street savvy
Gruesome like hunger pangs
They are powerful and heavy.

Some poems are like Teslas
Clean, smart, rich people's favorite
Costing the average people accessive dollars
They are smoothly written and moderate.

Some poems are like a Koenigsegg
Fast, rare, collectible and very costly
They instantly sweep you off your one leg
leaving you like '' seriously! ''

Some poems will make you go WOW!
And some will make you bow
Making you feel inferior to the poet
Especially the ones written by a laureate.

Some poems are mundane
containing things to drive you insane
Some poems are just cool
but contains useful cools

Some poems have powerful impacts
they contain deep knowledge and facts
Some poems are very good
Some will nourish you like food.

Some poem will bore you
Some poems will entertain you
Some poems will enrich you
And reach you wherever you are.

Some poems will set your mind on fire
And leave lasting impacts like screeching tires
Some poems are just incredible
Revealing things that are relatable.

Some poems are wonderful
And some are prayerful
Some are a little bit radical
And some are somehow political.

Some poems are just ordinary
Yet they're devotion to start early
And motivation to use during the day
Something to take you all the way.

Some poets are so creative
their poems are just amazing.
Some are outright provocative
Yet their works are just fascinating.

©️ #IvanBrookspoetry✍️
Poems have many attributes or characteristics me if I left some out.
SøułSurvivør Jul 2017
Here's something you don't see everyday. Although I've seen it a few times before on my street... A homeless man pulling a bicycle which is attached to the most astounding construct! Made of bicycle wheels and plastic webbing, chicken wire and aluminum piping, this huge mobile container for tin cans, and whatever this homeless individual can scrounge to resell, is almost the size of a garbage truck! And carries probably hundreds of pounds of aluminum cans.

In constant danger from cars and trucks, this is an outstanding testament to human ingenuity and dogged determination. The man marches on, stopping occasionally to take a container to dumpsters looking for cans. Whatever he can find.

I asked him if he needed something to eat or drink. He just smiled and shook his head. "I need to move on." And I realized he probably takes advantage of the nighttime to do his searching, as it is too hot during the day to do so. I smile and wave and wish him blessings.

If I ever feel like I am put upon in this life, I should feel ashamed. This man has shamed me utterly. I've invited him up to my porch in the past. Giving him food and drink. He is a believer. And I've never met a more cheerful brother in the Lord Jesus Christ! But he doesn't take any credit for his outstanding ingenuity and Drive. He gives the glory to God. I have tears in my eyes as I write this. He was also an addict and finds it very difficult to find a place to live due to his past. So he sleeps on the streets and does what he needs to do to survive. And survive he does!

I say a prayer for this stalwart. His name is Ben. Will you join me in my prayers (good thoughts)? I think he deserves them, don't you?

♡ Catherine
I haven't been on site because my father had a new procedure done. He is also in need of prayer, good thoughts. I come on occasionally to check my messages and do a little reading. But I honestly don't have a lot of time. Thanks for understanding.

The desert was flat you could never tell
that below where you stood
was a military bunker and missile silo
from a time years passed
built here on this lonely barron latitude
that had a bad attitude!

An everlasting reminder of mans ingenuity
negative approach to peace
of times that have gone but do still exist
creation of terror and destruction
yet for many this factor has disappeared
to die is no longer feared!

Thinking foolishly that all conflicts will end
is only in dreamers minds
always there simmering the spark of war
lay in wait in human culture
where somebody is ready to light the flame
so conflicts in history doth remain!

The Silo is but one symbol of the ****** past
forever on humans the shadow cast!

The Foureyed Poet.
Amitav Radiance Feb 2015
Some madness
Helps alleviate
Mind’s burden
From everyday
Of the harsh
Illusions of happiness
Emboldens the heart
With alacrity
And therein lies
The truth
In the core
Of chaos
Misjudged as
Katie Biesiada Apr 2014
I'd like to think that
You and I
Could build an empire
From the ground, up.
From the ground that
caught my tears
And held me up
When I felt like falling.
And from the ground
That held your weight
When you stood by and
As I slowly fell apart.
I'd like to think that
We could build an empire
Just you and I,
That sits up high
So we could watch the sea
As it leaves in the morning
And comes back far too late.
I'd like to think that
We could build an empire
Just you and I
But I know it will only be just
Because it's always just me.

— The End —