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Mystic Ink Plus Jul 2019
Chaos will be inside the head in the time of turbulence. You can't write your chaos because you don't want that chaos last forever. Someone means so much to you, even when that has nothing to do with him/her. When your biggest dream and blessing was him/her, and there is noway for hope. Feel the time when being silent you have to stop a world of million dream. You may stay silent because you don't want in anyway to make him/her feel hurt.  You don't want their precious time to be in vain. You don't want to disturb him/her. You don't want to see beloved sad. But you don't want to stay like this, either.
Then you may write when something stimulates the inner being, You are silent, not because you like it. You are silent, not because it
makes you calm. You are silent because you may feel weak. You are tired that's why you may be silent. You are silent, because you know who is inside your head. You are silent because, you do not complain. You are silent because you can't scream. You are silent because you have to. You are silent because that is a way better than being insane. You are silent, he/she knows, why?

Even after all you will find their vibe sound to the soul. You will stay silent because they matter.
Even in silence you find a god in them.
Feel the time.
Genre: Reflection
Theme: When all are said.
imposter artist Jun 2019
She asks,
      how can you be happy
      living in this
      no bedroom *******
      that somehow gets smaller
      with every sigh?
      We weren’t supposed
      to be these people,
      happily moving hot air
      from one place to the next.

We are like mannequins now
      every aching minute together
same faces and no new words.
let's just stare
JB Dec 2018
I don’t need someone to make quick snide remarks
or to say sorry this is happening

I need someone who understand
without words

not that there are any to say

I want no need to explain

just a hand to hold
a beacon of warmth
a heart to love
I have a million thoughts but no words to share.
Zombie Aug 2018
Nothing can define those eyes,
Which use to twinkle at my one glance...
Azumi Rabulan Jun 2018
Not everything has an explanation


silence do the thing.
Jayantee Khare May 2018
in the mind the thoughts flock
but the voice put to lock
as clicks the clock
an urge to unlock
but oh my god, can't write out the stock
yes i think it is writer's block...

the mind's mechanism is at work,
it doesn't sleep
the heart's sensors turned off,
it can't feel deep

feel disconnected, no hearty talk
life is not a smooth walk
the syllables knock
but the words mock
try to write as it's 11 o'clock
but oh my God, it's writer's block...
Seems I am going through writer's block..a lot is going on in life but can't pen it down
Long away from my true self
Wrote something just like that
Jessica Jan 2018
I want to write
I feel this so truly, so deeply,
It stifles most other feelings in my stomach, so

Why don't the words just come to me
Why is the feeling so hard to express
I can feel it in my chest, now, dying to get out
And yet the words just don't come they stay locked in my head, a jumble of letters and phrases that just don't match up
This isn't even poetry, it's just a mismatched fantasy, and I'm doing my best to follow along but I'm getting lost along the rabbit trail of my own consciousness.
So... I keep trying. I keep writing. And maybe someday I'll be able to keep up.
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