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Pink ribbon so sweet
Wave structure with heat
Your lips
Soft hand carved complete
Smooth shapely entreat
Your hips
Heart racing upbeat
Slow your dress discreet
Lai form
She is beauty in everything I see
She moves me like the wind blows through a tree
Changing seasons and all the starry host
Mountains, forests, and seas from coast-to-coast
All things lovely are her embracing me

Like the sunrise that's beaming bright and free
Or silver moonlight that shines in softer key
Her's the light that matters to me most
She is beauty

Her smell like flower fragrance to a bee
I run to her like deer to forest flee
With skin so pure like white capped mountains boast
And hue the glow of sun dropped westernmost
Everywhere I turn my heart filled with glee
She is beauty
Rondeau form
The sky is blue and clouds are soaring high
I daydream as they're softly floating bye
And sitting warm beside the window pane
The sun is rising high into the sky

The beauty from the window view is plain
But so much more than this could I attain
If I were standing in the breeze outside
To journey deep among the rich terrain

I'd touch the grass upon the green hillside
The wind its cool caress my senses ride
No end in sight to where my feet may go
No smell, no taste, no sound would be denied

I feel this feeling as our love does grow
The distance like the window pane aglow
Allows the beauty, but denies the taste
That everyday my heart desires to know

Until at last your body I've embraced
And my hands your outline I have traced
The fullness of your love I cannot sense
All time til then is simply a foretaste

So until then I'm stuck in this suspense
Desire for you grows ever more immense
But patient I will be until you come
The moment's pleasure bound to be intense
Interlocking Rubaiyat form
The longing runs like river wide
Which flows to meet the boundless sea
It is not false, won't prove belied
It ever flows 'tween you and me

In downpour fragrant rains of grace
The longing runs like river wide
White foams and spins with rapid pace
Its current will not be denied

When freezing waters ice outside
Still undercurrent steady strong
The longing runs like river wide
So soft, but still it sings its song

And when the heats of summer bake
Mountain streams in time have died
Its goal the waters won't forsake
The longing runs like river wide
Quatern form
What scale can measure happiness
And what weight is a smile worth
Can you count the size of bliss
And is there a number for mirth
Is the sum of joy here on earth
Ever it’s formula be found
I know my heart has found its birth
Your laughter my joy-sprouting ground
Huitain form
AmeriMav Feb 15
If time could bend and twist at whim
We two would never part
For I'd suspend, filled with love's vim
It's passing from the start

And if, when pressed to task we must
Remove our eyes from gaze
I'll move with zest spin time with ******
It'd seem we n'er part ways

Then in this bliss, reposed we'd stay
The moment ours to own
We'd hold each kiss, our song I'd play
Content, never alone
AmeriMav Feb 15
Each day at dawn
I rise and yawn
And look upon
What you've written

Then smile bright
To my delight
Beauteous sight
Of your love song

With many words
Your heart records
And spins onwards
So romantic

Ignites my heart
Like match head start
Strings like Mozart
In my heart ring

Then I reply
With simple "Hi"
Let out a sigh
As I'm thinking

How can this be?
Her love for me
What does she see
That compels her

Cause everyday
My heart you play
Each time you say
How you love me
Rhupunt form
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