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AmeriMav May 2020
Endless spiral of deafening decay
Shadows stretching toward fragile heart and mind
Falling backward and losing sense of day
Stumbling, staggering, senses numb and blind

Madness closer with every gasping breath
Sinking deeper with every bitter choice
Screaming silence aching for my death
Stopped with trembling the beauty of your voice
AmeriMav May 2020
I yearn for your smile
With patient stirring delight
Like songbirds toward dawn
AmeriMav Sep 2019
Seems I search your name
Like a deer returns to stream
Unquenchable thirst
AmeriMav Jun 2019
It grows more deep than one can count
And never can your wits surmount
True love's overwhelming, so bold, yet soft
as wool, and never cold

Describing it can be hard to tell
Like number's taste, or color's smell
It's sweet and it's crushing, fragrant as red
roses, but more brilliant
Byr a Thoddaid form
AmeriMav Jun 2019
One bright sunny day, my lover did say
Please tell me the height of your love
Looked I to the sky, clouds don't fly as high
Nor mountains, or wings of a dove

One morn rain suppressed, my love did request
Can you tell me sweet is your love deep?
Thought I of a cave, obscure dark enclave
It's deeper than creature dare creep

One dark winter night, she asked in twilight
Your love dear, how far will it go?
My love's measured best, where east meets the west
Never ending in sun, rain, or snow
AmeriMav Jun 2019
In the deepest dark
As just before the dawn breaks
Your light bids me see
Haiku form
AmeriMav May 2019
Crushing times when I feel lost
Battered and tossed, but then you bring
Your sweet love with glowing light
In dark night to you I'll cling
Awdl Gywydd form
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