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juliet Nov 2018
i am the honeybee,
maker of the blood of the sun
i dip into the flower
and adorn myself in dusty light

they take my liquid gold
and keep it as a delicacy
forlorn, the sun will fall
i hear the honeybee’s buzzing symphony
Rosalyn Urquhart Oct 2018
The honeybee delights in her perch
Crooning ageless songs to the tussore silk petals
A low thrum in the sweet saffron ****
A brush of honey around her entrance
She is the fae
Moth, too
Stumbling to reach the pendulous light in a drunken merriment
Dancing shadows over dry walls
A thin imitation of butterfly
Who is fae, too
Centipede and silverfish
Body full of a thousand darting eyes
Cautious, careful, carried
On the tips of toddler's fingers
Crawling, cradled
In the impregnable hands of a careless child
Wingbeats like a dreary applause
In the dew-soaked trellis
The labyrinth of gossamer thread
Arachne is prideful.
Escape, escape,
There is a minute sound of a spider weeping
Dry, Like sand through an hourglass
As she wraps the children in viscid cloth
Drier still are the ghosts crackling as tiny feet
Navigate the cicada grave
Skin grows tighter and tighter
Summer is over now
Just a thought about bugs
Hillary B Sep 2018
i, the honey bee
travel broadly for sweet nectar
through meadows of honeysuckle
near springs framed with lilies
over hilltops swaying with poppies
i travel near
some days far
searching for my next sip
one that makes it worth the trip

my favorite place to go
is to the hive at night
nestled in the comb
knowing that my honey will provide you with delight
sunprincess Jul 2018
Without thought or care of where he was going,
He flew into the eclipse!

Now he's miles and miles away from home,
in a brand new neighborhood

What of his loving family and friends?
Suppose they will wonder where he's gone,
and maybe they will hope he will phone

Anyway I feel so terrible,
Little honeybee's out there all alone!
A honeybee adventure
unnamed Jun 2018
I'm no honeybee
I want your nectar
I don't want to pluck,
Oh blooming flower,
I just want you
To grow
In my garden
K Balachandran May 2018
too drunk honeybee,
stumbled out of the flower;
wind whisks him away!
Drew Vincent Feb 2018
Two bees in search of pollen,
we find each other on the same flower.
We dance around,
forever tumbling in each other's arms.

Being together,
we make the perfect honey;
sticky, sweet,
rich, and raw.

Bee mine forever
and I promise,
to always love you.
Trying to figure out how to help this idea come to life so I can put it into a book.
Thank you in advance <3
K Balachandran May 2017
*  Getting closer, to the just bloomed flower
that bewitched him in an instant,
the honey bee gets intoxicated
by the web  of love,
the sweet flower threw around,
it felt more like a gentle caress
to which his heart jumped!
He  starts to do an ecstatic dance,
never thought he could,
till this sweet moment arrived,
merely touching her soft petals
he flies high as if to proclaim his pleasure
buzzing a new tune he composed
for this special moment,
he circles the flower
as if to adore her beauty
form all possible angles
making the moments of love
so special for them both..

* A butterfly enchanted by the flower,next
has a dance of love so different,
he would flit around and hover above
adore her beauty in a more relaxed pace,
he appreciates her silence to his soft declarations,
his love songs have no words, on air written
by the sprightly moves of his colorful wings,
he knows she loves it and his dance tells it all.
Like a kite on the waves of wind, he bobs on air
gently descending,looking at her eyes.

ഇ**  The tailor bird who never misses
mother nature's children all,big and small,
in their myriad ways of loving and living
watches what's going on,
without batting an eye lid,
she has a doubt
"Who among these
  lovers are more intense?"
she thinks aloud.

 The sonorous singer,
Bulbul watching it all
from the hanging branch
of a Champak, flowered in
riotous profusion answers:

ഉ   "Both are poets, no doubt,
of  distinction too,
each of their deeds
spontaneous demonstrates,
with hearts full of love
they wave poetry around us
in ways ingenious
paired with flowers.
why compare them?
Mother nature's brush
dexterous paints each one of us
with such loving care  and kindness
to infuse celebratory spirit,to the world,
never forget that,learn from the bees and butterflies."
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