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Nothing stays the same
Even when it's meant to last
If the opposite is what you proclaim
Look inside at the change you have amassed
Mind made out of the horizon
Both sides harmonize
Always agree to decide
Act like a bipartisan
Yet the fact engraved into my cries:
I'm a falsified artisan
Torn up on both sides!
Once we say hello
Time shall progress
Until one of us
Falls down below
For the flow moves so slow
From a memory
Being humane equates to permanent pain.
Chandler M Jul 4
Swarmed with anticipation
Away from prying eyes
Turn around
Here comes reality

Why is everything so strange?
No need for a fuss
Just the way life drifts on by
Grasped around my neck
"Discipline your mind."

How far can I go
On the dreams of others?
Which do I own?
Should I say hello
If every day ends with
Chandler M Jul 4
7 + 2= 9
12 x 12= 144
2xy - xy= 2

Will I be a light?
To drive away the fright?
How coarse is the sand?
Will I ever learn
How to soar away?

One day
One month
One year
Time flew by.

How do I grow?
Will I be a mold?
Are you okay alone
Mom and dad?

Will you be sad
When I have to go?
Chandler M Jun 30
Spend more time
Listening to a water stream
Not the human screams
Taken to extremes
Getting worked up in our prime
Over some "precious" dreams
For these visions
Never mattered
Unless they make a dime
Focus on what is going away
Never to return
Such is the method that I deem
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