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Chandy Jul 2023
When everything is a war
Does it lose the meaning of actions?
Satisfaction at the cost of reaction
Bleak and tragic
Our history comes with no magic
For we will always make factions
The cost of our freedom
Is that we **** and delete them
The other, the bother, the estranged brother
You're not fighting to be free
You'd be free if you were able to disagree
Chandy May 2023
Everyone has a voice
But now it's time to stand down
Brings all of your points down
If you step to the plate
No one cares if you bunt
We like the extraordinary, the home runs
Look at what we read to be real
We kneel, we keel, we don't know how to see
So many problems cause we try to be beyond real
Stressed at our best cause no one lets us rest
Numb to the world from a lack of control
Defensive, but always on the attack
It's not a competition when it's rigged for the best
None of this is at your behest
It's off my chest
I wash my hands and pretend I'm absolved
For I've never felt human
So look around, can you blame me now?
All we do is use work to find the meaning of strife
But how do we live when we pass life by?
Chandy May 2023
I'm sick of being passive
It's time for aggression
You said that you'd embody innovation
Screamed out to the nation
Then you crawl back to classic manipulation
This whole **** race is last place
Families who can't afford a place
Dinner with no steaks
Every day, more at stake
The tension, the pressure, the hybrid of humanity
Such a **** tragedy
AI is more human than thee
Deplorable, unforgivable
Creating more because excess drowns the war
Chained to ties, bound to lies
We talk about headlines
While the cause remains inside
Pull it from the roots, shake the whole system
I knew we were ignorant
But how did we get this dumb?
Chandy May 2023
I feel like a fool
Magicians make me drool
The priestess, so pristine
Caught in the embrace of an empress
What of an emperor without an empire?
Empirical affairs, embracing tradition
Hierophant to the lovers
Carried by a chariot
Silent strength of a hermit
Bending minds to spin the wheel of fortune
Bring forth justice to the hanged man
End of an old age, born anew
Death is a chance meeting with temperance
Strung by the devil in his tower
High atop, hoping to reach the stars
As the moon elicits peace, the sun burns him out
Judged for the world to see
Now, my life is exhausted
Chandy May 2023
The armor is raised
As I absorb the sun's rays
No cracks will crumble
No stabs will suffice
I shall live and die
Stuck in the knight's abstract mind
Pieces fall
Just to build new ones
Even on the surface
Iron maiden guards the heart
Can't guide my mind
When the neurons decide
That the world was not made for you
Now I sit and stare
Man of tin and sin
Whispers, all I hear:
I will never leave you
Chandy May 2023
Drives course correction
Why limit to the old and grey?
They have less time to change
We have one life
Irrespective of all drives
Bring no pain to others
Some people have a dream
But will they ever go to it?
Can you fulfill something if it exists in jest?
Time versus success, why are our skills discussed?
I wish I knew the answers
I wish that I could help you
But I was born into the world
I never helped form you
Chandy Mar 2023
Carving a path
Pushing forward
My head is down
Blind to all the sorrow
As a drill, I can't stop now
I'm digging further
With a 2-inch shovel
By the time I change the world
It will become yours
Broken, battered
I'll ignore the signs
As long as you can be with me
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