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Chandler Jun 21
Rage, anger
Compulsion to yell
To scream at the sun
Drowning serene ambiance
With vibrating violence
Held under lock and key, so long
So many thoughts cloud my perception
Deep breaths cannot cure the sickness
So today, I yell
Tomorrow, it continues
For the future, more
For the past was a bore
But now that I am
I wish that I was not
Chandler Jun 19
If I let these words
Solely define me
All I will ever be is a thesaurus
On the stage of history
No victory, only purgatory
I see the truth but my eyes are blind
If I look for a grander truth inside
All I find is a bitter taste, sorrow on all sides
Chandler Jun 16
Priorities lie
On the great divide
Finances are never finished
Business first
Country second
In which world is this normalized?
Takes tragedy for any to care
Genocide, homicide, hate crimes
Most of the public can't even spell regicide
People kneel to a king
Kiss their rings
Like they are better than themselves
Chandler Jun 14
I have never been privy
To liquor or brandy
By no means am I opposed
To a glass of fire, in prose
But suppression runs in the family
So when the limits come off
The jazz halts
Replaced by silent melodies
A substance to suppress
The harshest of remedies
I fight, I fight
Yet the hardest to conquer
Was my own innate insanity
Chandler Jun 13
So close, so near
Yet, you do not feel here
How can such little space
Feel like lightyears?
Amongst a crowd
They could all look at me
And still I would say:
Why do I feel empty?
Chandler Jun 11
In the back of my cognition
A memory appears:
Such a treasured time
Such bittersweetness
A choir of children sing a chorus
But I see none?
Only one, singing for no one
No words, no phrases
Just noises
So simple, so pure
My vision grows blurry
I no longer have his eyes
Therefore, I cannot see him
But on a rare night
I hear his song
Only to weep, another night
Chandler Jun 7
I leaned over to the man
With shaking legs
A face, weathered by tension
I looked into his eyes and asked:
"Sir, how did you end up here?"
He replied with no hesitation
"I cared too much about others
Now with my condition
I am no one without another."
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