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AsianTapWater Nov 28
II. What Never Was

Those stern,
Blue eyes.
Shallow, yet so deep one would get lost in them.

The still, cold frown,
To be turned into a warm smile.

The face he had wished,
So many times,
To see again, if only for a moment.

All sorrow, all grief,
It all evaporated
As he ran into the arms of his lover.

Then he woke up.
The ring on his finger
Now a painful reminder of what never was.

If the war is truly over...
Why was he still hurt?
Part two of my Hetalia fanpoem series, 'If The War Is Truly Over'.
Part two is about Italy who, because I accidentally made this about my Hetalia AU 'Isolated', has been separated from Germany.
AsianTapWater Nov 28
I. Law 46

A casket.
Simple. Brown.
Made with the wood of an oak tree.
And covered by the flag of a once proud nation.

Within that box
Lay the remains
Of the one he called his brother.

The one who, despite everything, was always there for him.
The one who, despite everything, followed him through it all.
The one who, despite everything, was loyal till the end.

And now that man was gone.

No longer would he wake up
To that cheery pale face and those crimson eyes.

No longer would he live
Knowing he still had family.

If the war is truly over...
Why was he still hurt?
Part one of a series of post-ww2 Hetalia poems I'm writing called 'If The War Is Truly Over'. It's about the three Axis boys.
Part one is about Germany and Prussia (who has been abolished due to Law 46)
AsianTapWater Oct 24
What's wrong?
Why are we running?

Where's Papa?
Did Uncle Mathias catch him too?

Where are you going?
Don't go, Mama!
Don't leave me here in the dark!

Wake up!
Wake up...!
P-Please, this isn't funny.....!

Who's there?
Emil, is that you?

Reread The Danish Slaughterhouse and figured that Tino would fit better than Berwald so rewrote the poem.
Peter is adopted by a gay couple, Tino and Berwald, so when he's talking to 'Mama' he's talking to a man, not a woman.
Poem based on The Danish Slaughterhouse by Decada.
Original poem:
AsianTapWater Aug 25
"Good morning!"
You shout, not to anyone in particular,
As you leap out of your bed.

You greet Tony,
And the whale,
And even Kumakichi,
But never me.

You turn up the radio,
And dance to Party In The USA
As you stick some bagels in the toaster.
One for yourself,
Another for Tony (even though he screams "Btch motherfcker sh*t!"),
But none for me.
You don't even look at me.

It's like I'm a ghost,
Like I'm not even here.
Or maybe I am,
But I'm just invisible.

We head off to the world meeting,
Which is in a building barely 5 minutes away
From your mansion in Washington DC.

When we get there, Cuba pulls me aside
And screams at me for things you've done.
He's loud, other nations gather around us,
Some even try to pull Cuba away from me,
But you don't do anything.
You don't even notice.
You just stare at Greece,
Who apparently brought 55 cats with him.

It's like we're all ghosts,
Like we're not even here.

Or maybe I truly am a ghost.
Just a lonely spirit and country,
Slowly fading until nothing is left.

Perhaps that's why nobody notices me,
Or remembers who I am.
Why you all freak out
When you realise I'm in the same room.

Maybe I truly am a ghost.
Just a lonely ghost named Canada.
Another Aph!Canada poem.
Canada says Kumakichi instead of Kumajiro because he and Kumajiro never remember each others' names (well, at least Canada remembers the 'Kuma' part). Tony, being the foul-mouthed alien that he is, swears way too much while trying to say politely that he does not want a bagel. Cuba beating up Canada doesn't require too much explanation, just watch Hetalia. Greece bringing 55 cats is a little reference to a cat sanctuary on the Greek island of Syros (the sanctuary is called God's Little People Cat Rescue), and also I imagine Greece would totally do that at some point considering how much he loves his cats.
AsianTapWater Aug 10
I still remember that day. The pain in his eyes as my boss dragged me away. The way he lifted his arm, as if he wanted to grab me and bring me back to him. The looks of scorn and disappointment in everyone's eyes as they watched us be separated. The small smile on that American man's face as he realises that he, the 'hero', has once more 'saved the day'.

I sigh as I slowly close the bedroom door. It has been a whole year. Why am I still thinking about him?
I spot a piece of paper and a quill laying in a jar of ink on my desk. Maybe I should write him a letter. But would he read it? Will he even receive it? I might as well try.


Dear Germany,

Ciao! It's been a while, hasn't it?
How are you? Do you need help paying off debts?
I'm getting very lonely here.
Even my Fratello is avoiding me.

A lot has happened since the war ended.
I have a new anti-fascist government.
People started going around killing fascists.
It was really scary, but my boss said it was the right thing to do.
I know they were bad, but I don't like watching people die!

I hope you're ok.
Austria said you were feeling sick after your mean boss died.
But you didn't really look so good before that, either...

Do you want pasta?
I know it isn't your favourite
But I want to do something for your birthday.

We are still friends, right?

Please reply,
Italy Veneziano
Finally, a poem+story for my Isolated AU. Well, sort-of poem. Not sure what it is. The letter is written on VE Day, one year after the end of WW2. Fratello means brother in Italian, the brother of course is Romano/South Italy. Germany's mean boss is Adolf ******.
About Isolated: In this AU, the three main Axis countries are separated from each other and forced to cut all forms of contact after WW2. Also, Prussia dies and Gilbird lives with Germany.
And for you Americans, the date is 5/8/1946. Don't know why you guys like backwards dates, but ok.
AsianTapWater Jul 11
I suppose this is it, mein Kleiner Bruder.
My time has finally come to an end.

After this war,
I will be no more.
Our countries will merge,
Just like they did
When Vater still existed.

I suppose this is it, mein Kleiner Bruder.
It is time for me to join Vater in Himmel.

Who knows, perhaps one day
You shall raise un kind
Just as awesome as me.

Heh, I doubt it.
Nobody can be
As awesome as me.
Not even after
I leave this world.

Bruder, promise me
After I die,
That you will take care of Berlin,
And carry on
My legacy.

Perhaps you will go on
To build a great empire,
Just like Vater did.

If you do,
Promise me you won’t **** another 11 million people for fun.

I suppose this is it, mein Kleiner Bruder.
My time has finally come to an end.

Lebewohl, mein Kleiner Bruder,
Ich werde dich vermissen.
Another Hetalia poem, this time about Prussia and a possible AU where he actually dies after WW2. I'm not exactly fluent in German so I may have messed up here and there. Lebewohl = Farewell, Mein Kleiner Bruder = My smaller/younger/little brother, Vater = Father (in this poem, the father is Germania), Himmel = Heaven, Un kind = A child, Ich werde dich vermissen = I will miss you.

{{ This poem is also a front page pick on }}
AsianTapWater Jul 10
What's wrong?
Why are we running?

Where's Mama?
Did Uncle Mathias catch him too?

Where are you going?
Don't go, Papa!
Don't leave me here in the dark!

Wake up!
Wake up...!
P-Please, this isn't funny.....!

Who's there?
Emil, is that you?

Based on The Danish Slaughterhouse, a Hetalia fanfic by Decada.
AsianTapWater Jun 28
My country, 'tis of thee,

A young child stood in the vast meadow,
Watching a herd of bison grazing in the distance.

Sweet land of liberty,

From the forest behind him,
He heard the sweet tweets and chirrups of birdsong.

Of thee I sing;

He didn’t know who he was,
Or why he existed.
He just knew he had a purpose.

Land where my fathers died,

With every bang,
Another man fell.
With every bang,
He lost a part of himself.

Land of the pilgrims’ pride,

He smiled and picked up the teacup,
Before noisily slurping up the tea,
Making the older man across the table chuckle.

From ev’ry mountainside,

From the top of the hill,
He could see the ships retreating into the distance.
The British had left, hopefully for good.

Let freedom ring!

He felt pride swelling in his chest
As his men cheered below him.
They were gone.
He was finally independent.
He was no longer a colony under someone else’s rule.

Finally, he was a country.
Wrote this on a whim at 12am. More Hetalia poems, again about America. The tea part probably never happened, I just had no idea what to write for "pilgrims pride" and thought a scene of Al acting stupid in front of Iggy would be cute to include in the poem. "My country" to "Of thee" is all the same scene, when America first was... born? Appeared? How do country personifications happen? "Land where my fathers died" is the revolutionary war, "Pilgrims pride" is America being stupid, "From ev'ry mountainside" is probably war of 1812, "let freedom ring" is basically explained in the poem.
AsianTapWater May 28
I’m sorry.

I’m sorry.

Please forgive me.
Or at least, pretend to.
I know you really won’t.

They’re dead.
They’re all dead.
And it’s all my fault.

Why didn’t I stop him?

Why couldn’t I save them?

You hate me, don’t you?
Surely you do.
He made me a murderer.
We slaughtered your men.

I’m sorry.

I’m sorry.

Please pretend you forgive me.
Please pretend you still love me.

I’m sorry, dear brother.

I love you too.
Sort of a response/sequel to my China poem. This one is from Japan. Again, invasion of Manchuria.
AsianTapWater May 28
2500 years ago,
In a forest far from home,
I found you, aru.
A tiny child, surrounded by towering green bamboo.

I helped you,
I raised you,
Even though you lived far away.
Two brothers
In two countries.

2000 years later,
And you invade my land.
My men are dying,
But I can't do anything.

You smile
As you watch us suffering before you.
You cheer
As you watch the crimson puddles become a lake.

What happened, aru?
What happened to that child?
What happened to us?
Are you even my brother, aru?

You were kind.
You were a good man.
You cared about me.

What happened, aru?

What caused this rage?
What have my men done
To deserve this punishment?

Come back, aru.
Save yourself from this demon.
This isn’t you,
I know it isn’t.

Please, aru,
Don’t do this.

You can **** all my men,
But, please,
Spare me.

I still love you, aru.
A poem about China from Hetalia: Axis Powers. The slaughter mentioned is the invasion of Manchuria during WW2.

I wanted something really sad so have China being killed by his brother.
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