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annh Jul 10
Wit when overreached
Is neither as endearing nor amusing
As the antics of a court jester;
But it is infinitely more foolish.

‘The greatest fools are ofttimes more clever than the men who laugh at them.’
- George R.R. Martin, A Storm of Swords
May we be servants to all others and masters to ourselves.

Copyright 2019 Tod Howard Hawks
A graduate of Andover and Columbia College, Columbia University, Tod Howard Hawks has been a poet and a human-rights advocate his entire adult life.
annh Jan 11
My friend, I would sooner fear the reason why
I did not grasp an opportunity with both hands
And wring the very essence of life from it;
Than I would fear the opportunity itself.
Inspired by an old key chain I rediscovered today - the words 'through unlocked doors' are embossed on the back of it. I think I'll start using it again. :)
annh Dec 2018
To imbue artistry with life invoke the multitude,
To imbue life with artistry invoke the muse.
You'll have to hear a whole lot before your ears fall of...
But not say a whole lot to get your teeth kicked in...

Social realism...
ConnectHook Oct 2017
President Trump's conservative foes
reveal themselves as faux conservatives.

All credit to commentator
at InfoWars:*
Definition of aphorism

1 :   a concise statement of a principle
2 :   a terse formulation of a truth or sentiment:  adage
3 :   an ingeniously terse style of expression:  aphoristic language
Tommy Randell Sep 2017
Everything if downside up was
Would then confused be we!
But wrote if sideback first was
Rhyme still be Poetry?
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