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Łëïçkî Nov 2020
I want you to say my name.
I want it to spill past your lips while I run my fingers along the bend of your jaw.
I want you to grab my waist and pull me into you like the world might  take me away at any moment.
I want to feel you gasp as I slide my fingers from the nape of your neck into your soft hair.
I want to make you desperate for me in so many ways aside from physical.
I want to be the reason you shudder, sigh and surrender.
Let me be the one, let me be the thought in your head that keeps you up at night.
I want you to be the reason I am needed.
Łëïçkî Mar 2020
It was after 3 am that my head started to pound.
I found myself thinking about the things that are lost and found.
How I finally found myself, and how I found you were lost.
Misunderstood pain and emotion.
Unreciprocated love and devotion.
Oh how it spirals in those brown eyes,
wearing your ever thinning vail of lies as a disguise.
The liquor eating at your mind like flies.
Yeah now your just like me, the same as me.
Always moving, always running, always forgetting.
Always leaving the things that matter,
the things you are now regretting.
The higher you go, the thinner the air.
If you don't stop climbing your eyes will only hold your lifeless stare.
Just like me, the same as me.
AN UNHAPPY ENDING; cried for 3 hours now my head is pounding
Łëïçkî Mar 2020
How do you logically explain romantic feelings? What's the catalyst? When did it start? When do you realize that someone becomes special to you? The sudden realization doesn't pay enough respect. There never is a sudden realization. Only the thought that you've felt this way for a while and your only now realizing it. Suddenly mixed emotions become clear and thudding hearts still. All things cease to be in the moment of realization. Realization that you have no control over your thoughts. Realization that you don't know when it started and you feel as if it will never stop. Love is strange, love is torrential, love is a flurry of emotions and a sudden snap of enlightenment. And it ends with a feeling of home.
A STRIKE OF INSPIRATION; a drunk girls thoughts on love and how we come to be in love
Łëïçkî Feb 2020
Quick hands and light fingers,
trace the dips in my collar bone
and skip stones down my spine.
Touches burned into my skin,
like the scars left on my heart
and on my wrists.
forgive young stupid love
Łëïçkî Feb 2020
There we were at Lake Tiorati feeling the sun scorch our skin.
Sweat dripped from our bodies at Lake Tiorati and we were parched for a swim.
It was 80 degrees to hot even to breathe,
and still the lake jeered at our pain.
Tiorati lapped at the shore acting a tease,
seductively calling us in.
And then with a snap and a "**** it I'm done",
came the shirt off my back,
and all followed, one by one.
In Lake Tiorati on an 80 degree day, with wet sweaty bodies,
we broke the rules to play.
Jesus it was ******* HOT
Łëïçkî Feb 2020
The long night cannot sleep for the moon is far to bright, too clear.
I think I hear someone's scattered voice,
and the sky vainly responds: yes.
my thoughts come to life at night
Łëïçkî Jan 2020
The once vibrant autumn foliage lies dark, damp and life-less at my feet. I tread over their graves without a second thought. Thoughts left for dead.
I have forgotten much over my 21 years of life.
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