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Łëïçkî Feb 1
Quick hands and light fingers,
trace the dips in my collar bone
and skip stones down my spine.
Touches burned into my skin,
like the scars left on my heart
and on my wrists.
forgive young stupid love
Łëïçkî Feb 1
There we were at Lake Tiorati feeling the sun scorch our skin.
Sweat dripped from our bodies at Lake Tiorati and we were parched for a swim.
It was 80 degrees to hot even to breathe,
and still the lake jeered at our pain.
Tiorati lapped at the shore acting a tease,
seductively calling us in.
And then with a snap and a "**** it I'm done",
came the shirt off my back,
and all followed, one by one.
In Lake Tiorati on an 80 degree day, with wet sweaty bodies,
we broke the rules to play.
Jesus it was ******* HOT
Łëïçkî Feb 1
The long night cannot sleep for the moon is far to bright, too clear.
I think I hear someone's scattered voice,
and the sky vainly responds: yes.
my thoughts come to life at night
Łëïçkî Jan 31
The once vibrant autumn foliage lies dark, damp and life-less at my feet. I tread over their graves without a second thought. Thoughts left for dead.
I have forgotten much over my 21 years of life.
Łëïçkî Jan 24
Let me look at you with my red, blurry eyes.
Set my skin on fire.
Leave your bruises on my neck.
Your scent remains tangled in my hair.
Press yourself to me.
Make sure when I wake up, I'll remember you.
waking with a feeling of nostalgia
Łëïçkî Jan 24
Oh how he loved the Sun.
Loved to feel her against his back, pressing to him like the flattened flowers in the pages of a book.
How she seared him with sun-kissed skin.
He wasted on Earth dreaming of the Sun.
He grew wings of wax and clay.
He begged the Wind for flight and flew to her.
But her warmth became a fire and her light became a glare.
Still he flew higher.
She wept and pleaded him to return to the Earth.
He could not see her tears.
The wax melted.
The clay hardened.
He fell and the Sun burned on.
Be content with who you have and what you are Icarus.
Łëïçkî Jan 24
Do not follow the masses, for they are blind.
Do not ask for more, for more will always be less than before.
Do not regret a path once followed.
At one point that path is what you wanted.
Do not fear the night and it's overwhelming blackness.
It is the future unknown.
Chase it.
moving forward
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